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Guatemala – frankly it’s a winner. Spanning the centre of central America with a foot in both the Caribbean and Pacific seas, it has a string of majestic volcanos running through its core, highlands, mangrove forests, glorious white sandy beaches and the breath-taking creator lake of Atitlan. It certainly gets our ‘top destination’ vote.

Look north and you’ll find Mexico and next door lies El Salvador home to her most important national park, ‘El Imposible’ bursting with coffee plantations, indigenous crops and natural wildlife.

Based on Guatemala's best Pacific ocean beach - Monterrico - we welcome you to join us for a unique blend of learning Spanish, sea turtle & marine conservation, active volcanoes, Mayan culture & traveling adventure!

All our programs include accommodation, breakfast & lunch, Spanish lessons, volunteering and much more. We have two start dates EVERY month and can arrange airport transfers from Guatemala City (2 1/2 hours by private taxi transfer).



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Yes, I recommend this program

Eventfull but chill 3 weeks

Thanks to monterricoadventure I got to teach english to schoolchildren learn spanish and volunteer one week at a tortugaria (where we fed parrots, took care of turtle eggs and ate AMAZING food) . I enjoyed my stay in hotel delfin where the staff is super kind. The hotel is right by the sea so the view from the breakfast table is amazing. The only downside to the trip was that I happened to be the only volunteer during theese 3 weeks, but I was never alone though! You meet alot of people at the hotel and of course Gabrielle the organisator is great company! If you want to visit other places or do certain activities you can just say so and Gabriel will help you arrange your plans. The program is not set in stone. I recommend visiting antigua over a weekend.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you are here to learn spanish, try to talk to the locals. Everybody here are very kind and eager to talk.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Monterrico Adventure

I left Belgium on my own to do a one month travel in and around Guatemala with MonterricoAdventure.
Imagine wanting to go on adventure, but not knowing where to begin. With MonterricoAdventure, you will have the perfect journey. Imagine not having to worry about transportation, tickets, tours, the language, contacts,... but still having the best adventurous time of your life.
One of the best things about this organisation is the spontaneous personality of Gabriel. He was taking so much care of me and has years of experience traveling the world. The personal contact is perfect and even if you are traveling alone, you will never feel like it.
I wanted to combine volunteering and backpacking. This offers you best of both worlds. Thanks to Gabriel, you have a project you can start with, but you can still feel free and bring your own ideas. Working in the school is amazing. The kids and teachers are so thankful for everything you do. And in between the volunteering weeks, you have the chance to go exploring the beautiful El Salvador, lake Atitlan, Acatenango and Antigua. On a short time, you see so much but there’s still time to chill (and party) in the nicest hostels. Gabriel has found the perfect combo of all this.
Also the private spanish lessons from a friendly teacher are recommended.
Prepare for an active, challenging, heartwarming and inspiring journey. Time of my life! Thank you Gabriel and MonterricoAdventures!

What would you improve about this program?
Build a bigger organisation for volunteering so people can collect money and volunteers know where to use it for.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable Memories

I was traveling with one of my friend when I met Gabriel, Lily and Hanne, in Monterrico. They informed me of the Monterrico adventure program which I found pretty interesting. You learn Spanish, volonteer and travel all in the same trip, how perfect is this? I participated in one of their english class and found it was nice to see that you can make a difference in those kids' learning. I was sitting in back of the class watching Lily and Hanne teach and I felt like going up there and teaching as well. The kids were so captivated it was lovely to see. Afterwards, they play games with the kids and I participated and had a lot of fun, the experience is rewarding not only for you but, for those kids too.
We met again in the hostal «Free Cerveza» during their adventure week and I basically jumped in and followed them all week. Everything is well organized, you always have something to do and if you feel like relaxing you may. We got to visit St Marcos and St Pedros which are small villages around the Lake Atitlan. We took a swim in the lake, did some Yoga. Everything was perfect. Then Gabriel offered me to live the Volcano Acatenango experience with them. He took care of everything for me, I had nothing to worry about. A 2 days tour leaving from Antigua. It wasn't the first time he was doing the trek so he told us exactly what to bring to be prepared.
I wasn't a part of the whole program but from what I accomplished and heard, I recommend the Monterrico Program for people who want to live a memorable and rewarding adventure. You get to meet tourists, be around locals and learn a lot about the country. One love Guatemala !!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great fun, valuable volunteering and varied program

I was looking for a program that combined Spanish classes, volunteering and travelling and Monterrico Adventure does exactly that. It's a great mix between the three and there`s still plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beach. I volunteered for English classes, beach clean ups and education about the importance of taking care of the environment. I really felt like it was valuable work and made a difference. Gabriel (the operation manager) really did his best to make my experience amazing. He puts his heart and soul in the program and his passion and enthousiasm are very contageous.

Monterrico is a great little town that has everything you need but still has the charm and authenticity of a local village. During my stay I got to meet and hang out with lots of locals which greatly helped my Spanish improve. There are also many other tourists in the hotel where you stay so lots of opportunities to make friends. I got so close with some of them that we ended up continuing our travels together.

The adventure weeks were we went travelling in Guatemala and El Salvador were also amazing. The program is very varied so we got to see and do lots of great things. I especially loved lake Atitlan and the waterfall hike in EL Salvador.

Overall i`d definitely recommend Monterrico Adventure if you're looking for a great mix of Spanish, fun and volunteering.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Guatemala experience

Montericco adventure’s volunteer, learn Spanish and adventure program is something I would really recommend to all. It provides the perfect mix of a structured program with free time to explore the areas you are visiting. I’m my personal case I had a limited amount of time for a sabbatical from work and I feel choosing the 6 week program worked well as there was lots of time to really experience the places I was staying and integrate myself into the culture without feeling that there was too much down time.

The weeks spent in Montericco were wonderful. I got to meet lots of local who always friendly and welcoming. Although I think the volunteering organization needs some work and consistency, it didn’t impact my overall experience negatively. I worked with the staff of a local hotel and also the children of a local school in teaching English and beach clean ups. Both groups really enjoyed the classes prepared and you could see progress with both. It was very rewarding. In addition to volunteering, I was taking Spanish classes everyday in the local school. Giovanni our Teacher was very parient and warm. He guided us to a level of communication in Spanish that we could really use with locals and other Spanish speakers. His classes were communicative and easy to follow as he guided us through the grammar and sentence structures of Spanish.

The adventure weeks in and around Antigua and the lake and also in El Salvador were very well organized and included, I feel, some of the best attractions to see in both. The accommodation along the way was very fitting for the style of traveling so we got to meet other people as well as relax and party in the evenings, depending! The activities included were also very well organized with vendors I found to be very professional and were passionate about introducing their cultures and areas to others. The highlight of the adventure weeks for me was the Acatenango hike. It was incredible and run by a really great organization whose care for the local community was admirable. The little high fives at each rest stop, the roasting of marshmallows on the top and the constant smile that never left the guides faces for the entire 24+hours we were with them made this Activity unforgettable for me!

Overall, I really loved my experience and everything involved. Monterrico Adventure shows a passion for environmental conservation and education with a wonderful touch of adventure. It’s an all round program suitable for people from all walks of life and reasons for travel!


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