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Project Laut


Project Laut is a non-profit organization that focuses on marine conservation, research and education in the Nusa Penida MPA (Marine Protected Area). Together in partnership with Nomads Dive Centre, a top-rated eco-dive resort in Nusa Penida, we offer internships where individuals can complete their divemaster training, while also gaining valuable experience participating in several conservation research initiatives.

We are a group of ocean lovers that are committed to the protection and stewardship of our waters. Many graduates have used their experience here to move on and pursue post-grad opportunities, some even returning for a period and collecting their own data using our scientific infrastructure, while others have continued on to pursue their instructor certification and now work as ocean advocates here and abroad.


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Yes, I recommend this program

One of the Greatest Experiences of my Life

I had one of the greatest life experiences at Nomads. The crew are so friendly, they started to feel like family after a very short period of time. The head instructor, Joma, is so full of knowledge about the ocean and diving, I felt so safe and confident with him as my instructor. The gear was always up to scratch and the dive shop itself had such a great atmosphere. The dives were guided super well and the sites were absolutely breath-taking! Thank you, Nomads for such a rewarding experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolutely memorable

Project Laut & Joma are both fantastic and tons of fun!

I did my courses with Project Laut & Nomads, and I was uber impressed with the customer service and professionalism in the shop and throughout the courses. I was nervous because I heard Nusa Penida had some strong currents, but Joma helped me build confidence and feel good in currents. 
Now I LOVE the drift diving!

The reefs are so healthy here, it is amazing. The mantas are stunning and stay at the island all year, and if you are lucky (like I was) then you might get a chance to see the elusive Mola Mola ;)
I would recommend Project Laut & Joma to anyone who wants to have fun and learn a ton about the ocean!

What would you improve about this program?
my drift diving skills ofcourse it was so much fun and very memorable!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great program!

I had such a great time with Project Laut & Nomads!

I did my courses with Joma and I had so much fun. The diving was beautiful, but the currents are definitely challenging. Joma made me feel safe & comfortable in the currents, but it definitely takes some getting used to!

The facilities at Nomads were great - the pool is large, the gear room is well-kept and they even have nice air conditioned classrooms for theory sessions.

I would definitely recommend Project Laut & Nomads for anyone looking to do their dive training!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Couldn’t recommend more!

Penida is a stunning place to do a divemasters course! You will get it all, crazy marine life, crazy conditions! It’s great to be able to deal with all of that! Joma is a very passionate, fun and safe dive instructor!! You will definitely enjoy being trained there! On top of that! Penida is gorgeous above the water aswell! You will always have great food, a beautiful sunset, good live music, great people! Go pack your bags and enjoy stunning Penida and project laut!!!! Oh and give the dogs some cuddles from me!!! :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience of a lifetime!

My time with Joma and Project Laut was amazing to say the least! I came to Penida as an inexperienced diver and with the training and guidance provided by Joma, I am now a certified divemaster and will be moving on to my instructor course soon.

The instruction both in and out of the water was top notch, Joma is very personable and kind, always willing to talk with you and answer any and all questions, whether it was diving related or not. He has a wealth of diving knowledge and is very passionate about it as well as the conservation work, passion which is simply contagious! In my time diving with them I have improved greatly and am more than glad I chose to do my divemaster internship with him. The conservation work that is being done with the Hawksbill turtles was and is incredibly interesting, getting to identify individuals of such an endangered species is a thrill and very rewarding.

The facilities at Nomads are very nice, and all the gear is kept up nicely, I felt very safe and taken care of when I was out in the water.

I couldn’t recommend the internship enough! To anyone thinking about going to beautiful Penida and diving with Joma and Nomads, all I would say it to go for it, you will not be disappointed, it’s been one of the best experiences of my life.


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