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At Roots Interns, our mission is to create the perfect balance between meaningful work and valuable learning. That’s why we offer internships at NGOs and social enterprises that are adding valuable contributions towards community programs, conservation efforts, or local and green economies. We carefully match the right person with the right organisation to reach the most beneficial experience for everyone involved.

We offer opportunities in the following fields:
- Marketing, Communications, PR, & Fundraising
- Business Development
- Environmental Innovation & Management
- International Development
- Photography, Videography & Graphic Design

We provide the following structure and support for our interns:
- Clear job descriptions & learning outcomes
- Professional supervision & routine feedback sessions
- Logistical support network (airport transfers, accommodation, documents needed for a visa applications, and 24/7 emergency support)


61-63 Wale Street
Jaga House, top floor (Greenpop office)
Cape Town
South Africa

NEW! Social Work and Psychology Internship in Cape Town

Join this nonprofit to gain on the ground experience in social work and provide psychological support to children with troubled backgrounds. You’ll work with a community center in a township that hosts children each day to ensure they have a safe and stimulating space to go. Assist with the day to day running of the center and with offering counseling sessions to the children.



I totally enjoyed my experience at Greenpop. It's totally different from any internship in marketing you could find elsewhere! First of all because at the office you would feel really relaxed and welcome and you'll spent time in an environment full of people passionate about they do! Moreover, they give you lots of opportunities to also enjoy and experience Cape Town outside the working hours or during the days off you get. As a marketing internship, you'll find yourself busy in managing social media, writing blog posts, doing research! I made many friends with whom I shared my different adventures (road trips, hikes, wine tasting)

Yes, I recommend this program
Abdul Rahman

Interning at Greenpop was such a fun experience. The work environment itself is very relaxed and the culture is very intimate. Moreover, I became such good friends with the employees and also with the other interns at work. I'm interested in pursuing a marketing concentration and therefore, I applied for the marketing and creative writing internship at Greenpop. My supervisor, Zoe, was extremely helpful and informative and even though I don't have any prior experience with marketing, Zoe was very willing to guide me through the work. South Africa itself is a very beautiful country with so much to offer. The natural beauty of the country is breathtaking and the activities range from hikes and adrenaline filled activities to restaurants and bars. In addition, South Africa is host to a variety of different species and so, the wildlife in South Africa is a beauty one must experience. The city itself is filled with young travelers which makes it very easy to meet new and interesting people. It was overall a very memorable experience that I will for sure be sharing with friends and family back home. All of this was made possible by roots intern and especially Talitha who helped me throughout the process.

Yes, I recommend this program

Interning with Roots has been absolutely valuable not only for my future career plans but also for my personal perspective and growth. I got the chance to meet incredibly amazing people, got a lot of interesting insights how NGO’s are working and learned so much in the field of Marketing and Communications. I developed my writing skills in an immense way by creating blog posts, newsletters, mailers and running the social media. Besides that, I learned a lot about SEO and got the chance to dive into my own customer journey and personas project which helped me so much to understand the whole marketing strategy of the organization. I loved the inspiring vibe in the office and being surrounded by people that included me in their group right from the beginning. This has been an amazing internship experience which I will never forget!

Yes, I recommend this program

My experience with Greenpop was an experience I think every one should go through. Why? Not only was this an opportunity for me to impact my studies, but also an opportunity to see and learn the South African culture. Three months later, I still can't seem to stop playing the highlights in my mind. From going to Rands for Sunday BBQ's and pap, waking up early to the beautiful table-cloth on the majestic table mountain, to viewing different Western Cape landscapes every week - even to unwillingly being carried away by the furious winds during the months of November & December. Oh, how I'd give anything to be back.
The internship itself was an eye-opener for me. I study Environmental Sciences of Sustainable Energy and Technology in the Netherlands, and with Urban Greening I got to experience the other 'spectrum' of this field. Learning mulching techniques and teaching different composting benefits to communities is an aspect I didn't consider as personal interest. Seeing smiles on children's faces in schools - who we got to plant and play with, is heart warming.
I would encourage every one to work with Greenpop and to make the world a better (and greener) place.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I had the great fortune to be able to go to Cape Town and do an Internship at Greenpop. The work that Greenpop does is amazing and it felt like they were driving an enviromental movement in the city and the rest of South Africa. My work at Greenpop felt meaningfull and I had many different tasks to work on and was given my own projects. I really enjoyed the aspect of having your own project has you were not just assisting someone else, you were doing your own thing and that was not something I expected out of an internship. Spending time in the office and out in different schools and other locations actually planting trees felt amazing. Greenpop really made an effort to tailor the internship to suit you and your interests. I consider myself blessed that I got the chance to work with Greenpop and the wonderful people there. It was a life changing experience and I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I would encourage anyone with a passion for enviromental issues and with the opporutnity to go to Cape Town for a longer period to apply for an internship at Greenpop. I don´t believe that there is a better internship out there for people who want practical experience in working with sustainability and the enviroment. I could not be more happy with my time there.

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Thanks August, we are happy to receive such good feedback on your internship experience!

Yes, I recommend this program


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