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The UrFU Winter and Summer Schools on Russian as a foreign language were born in 2010 within the Educational Project“Russian Studies in Real Russia”. During 8 years of our existence, we helped 215 students from 27 countries to have safe, engaging and informative Russian holidays. The Russian Language Summer and Winter Programs meet needs of everyone - undergraduates and graduate students with different levels of proficiency of the Russian language - from A1 to C1. Cultural events, evenings of Russian cuisine, excursions and train trips to the most celebrated Russian cities – as an informal part of every School – make the atmosphere of staying in Russia unforgettable and amusing!



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Yes, I recommend this program


I spent two weeks in Russia, and it is a wonderful trip for me. I really like the experience, and it gives me a good memory. Our activity is well organized and the course is good. Russian is a difficult language, so it is difficult to learn and I should spend more time on it. I spent the Chinese New year in another country for the first time. I have a special experience. Through this trip, I learn a lot about Russian culture. I learn how to make Russian dumplings, which are diffrent from Chinese dumplings. In this trip, I also met a lot of nice people. If the food is more delicious, the trip will be more wonderful. Ksennia is a good oragnizer and a good Russian language teacher. I really love Ksennia. All in all, the trip is a owesome trip for me, and I learn a little bit of Russian language. In the future, I hope I can learn more about Russian language.

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Yes, I recommend this program


I've spent two amazing weeks in Eakterinburg last year. This couse is really usefull to improve the language and to get in touch with the real Russia. It's seriously a good opportunity to live the russian life! The teachers are super nice and available 24h a day, they trasmit the passion for their work and really help you during the classes. This course is really well organised! Every day is full of activities and fun! Last year we visited the city and the underground, we went dog sledding, we prepared typical russian dishes (such as pelmeni), we went to the dacia (russian countyside house) for the weekend and that was the funniest part of the program. During the weekend we had a party, we danced, we did the banja (russian version of the sauna...really hot!), we went skating and we really had a lot of fun! I would suggest this course to anyone..seriously!

Yes, I recommend this program

A dream full of snow

In the last three days of the project, we left the city to go to the farm to experience Russian forests and icy lakes. Drive away from the city, walk into the quiet forest, live in the hut, we can skate on the outdoor ice rink during the day, play tube on the snowy road, ski on the lake with thick ice and snow. The trail of a jet plane crossed the sky, and I recorded this moment with the camera, quiet and empty. Russia's ice and snow make up for the north without snow in this winter. I breathe here, when tired of skating, drinking cold water like a fighter, and then going back and moving like a fighter. This feeling is really good.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Can't wait to go there for the second time!

The program was so wonderful and I would like to go there again if possible!
We studied Russian language in one of the building in the university. The building was traditional and it seemed to have very long history. The teacher --- Kseniia taught us Russian language. Russian language is so difficult but she could make it easy for us to understand. Everyone could learn a lot about the basic of Russian language.
We also took a lot of city tours during the program. The city we stayed in for two weeks was Ekaterinburg. The city is small but delicate. The manager took us to some historic spots like churches and museums. In spared time, my friends and I liked hanging out on the street especially in snowy day. Snowy cityscape was likewise charming both in the morning and at night. Residents there were really hospitable and friendly so that we enjoyed a lot during shopping and eating out. The program also included a country tour which was full of snow. We tried a lot of games and sports related to snow. In addition, we experienced traditional Russian style sauna which made me cold and hot in the same time. The beauty of that country with lakes and forests covered by snow was more than I can describe.
Moreover, during the program, the Russian volunteers were always with us. They were really kind college girls and spoke really good English. They even could speak a third language such as Spanish or Chinese. They helped us a lot during the tour since most residents could not speak good English and the girls would translate for us. I had much fun together with them.
Although I talked a lot about the program, you cannot get the real feeling if you don't go there by yourselves. So don't hesitate to join it.

What would you improve about this program?
More Spicy Food~ :D
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Yes, I recommend this program

It is excellent!!!

The trip to Russia is my first surprise in 2018 which is memorable forever. There are super good teachers, very interesting classmates, beautiful and enthusiastic volunteers. Moreover, the most beautiful snow I have ever seen.
This Russian exchange program is scheduled to be located in Yekaterinburg, Russia's third largest city. We have a half-month exchange at the Federal University of Ural and conducted 40 hours of Russian study. A quite part of us hadn’t study Russian a lot before. Kseniia tirelessly correct our pronunciation over and over again, and push us to learn new content continuously. In 15 days, although there has not been a qualitative change, we have a good idea of Russian pronunciation and grammar. Kseniia often laughs. When she laughs, her eyes are bright, her long eyelashes are sparkling.Sooo cute! She is both the project manager and our teacher, and our “Russian Mama”, every morning “Доброе утро! (Good morning)”, every day "Очень хорошо! (very good)", bringing us happiness and gives us love.
In the last few days, we went to the Russian countryside to share the Russian New Year. Compared to the regular and peaceful study life in Yekaterinburg, we are likely a group of children who are dancing in the snow. We experienced skiing, snowballing, and sliding tires.They were all exactly interesting!When the New Year came, we danced in the music, talking about the most grateful things in 2017, drinking champagne, eating their own hands of Ural dumplings, surrounding of an atmosphere of happiness.
In short, this project is very interesting and worth participating! Don’t be worry, everything will be satisfied.

What would you improve about this program?
Perfect teachers
Delicious food
Comfortable accommodation
Beautiful scenery
A wealth of knowledge
Real Russia!


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Kristina Tretiakova

Job Title
Russian Language Teacher

Throughout her life, Kristina was keen on studying Russian language and Russian literature. That is why, after her graduation with a master’s degree in Russian philology, she decided to stay at the University and teach Russian language to foreigners. So far, she has worked with students from almost 30 different countries, and she greatly appreciates this unique opportunity to communicate everyday with people of various cultural backgrounds.

What is your favorite memory?

I guess, for my favorite travel memory, I will pick my last year trip to Europe for Christmas. Taking that Christmas is my favorite holiday, I was really fascinated to find out how Winter Europe looked like and how fabulous the Christmas atmosphere there was. Folk festivals, delicious street food, sparkling lights… Memories of me strolling around the Old City under snowy Czech and German skies comfort me and make me smile till today.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

Since the day I started working with foreigners, I feel that I have become a more open-minded and flexible person with a global frame of mind. Every new students group is not just a list of names for me; they are individuals with unique characters, desires, problems and ways. Understanding that, I strive to find an approach to every student and create a safe space for them in my classroom. It helps a lot in achieving quick language progress and in building long-lasting friendship with my students; I remember each of them and keep in touch with many of them.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

I admire adult students who bravely approach a foreign language just because they feel that it could make them happier. For example, one of our return students, whose vital energy and desire to develop herself are just going through the roof, once told me that, after finishing the Summer course, she decided to take a long train trip from Russia to China! She was so encouraged by the great results she achieved after completing the studies that she wanted to practice language in more diverse and extreme conditions!

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

All the programs of our Educational Projects are amazing, because they give a chance to see so many different aspects of Russia! However, if I were to choose, I would definitely apply for a program which covers a few Russian cities like "Russian Fresh-PLUS". This school is a mix of very intense academic experience and fun, entertaining parts. I would love to travel by train with a group of new international friends, explore Moscow and the Ural together, go out, feel this beauty and freedom of being a student again!

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

I am proud and consider it as a special merit to be a part of our Winter and Summer Schools. It is about the atmosphere we create in our classrooms, highly-motivated and friendly colleagues and, most importantly, about passion and attention with which we try to make every Russian trip safe and comfortable for everyone. Our students are our guests, our friends, and we are always ready to go an extra-mile for them. We know what does it mean to feel worried or insecure while travelling so far away and we sincerely pay attention to every detail on the way.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

From my point of view, the success of the company depends on dedication, passion for work, thinking globally and desire to make a client happy.
Fully engaged people will inevitably lead their company to success, and I believe this is who we all in “Russian Studies in Real Russia” are.