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SN Mandarin is a highly recommended Chinese language school based in Shanghai, China since 2007. As the international exchange center under Shanghai Business School (University), we are authorized to issue 2-12-Month Student Visa. SN Mandarin exists to provide the best, most effective Chinese language education services and learning experiences.

We offer Study in Shanghai China Programs for all foreigners who are interested in coming to China, Chinese langauge courses and Shanghai Business Internship Programs!

Feel confident with our student-oriented services, aimed at providing the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in China.
From visa assistance to engaging classroom and afterclass activities, we've got you covered.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Really good an interesting experience

My son learnt Chinese at the SN Mandarin School during one semester and was completely satisfied with the instruction and the support he received. There was a good atmosphere during the teaching classes and he made excellent improvements, so that at the end of the semester he could pass the HSK3 test. It was a lot of fun for him learning Chinese at the school. The staff was very friendly and helped him through a lot. He was also very happy with the support he got to find a suitable housing. I recommend the SN Mandarin School to everybody who wants to learn or to improve his/her spoken and written Chinese in a short time to reach to best possible level. The teaching approach was very flexible and modern, using specific cards to learn the logograms (chinese characters: hanzi) one by one, so that every student could follow the course and make out the best of it for him or herself. Thanks a lot to all the staff members!

Yes, I recommend this program

my impact by the SN mandarin school

I talked to Frank. from beginning all went ok with getting a student visa. I got it in Shanghai. papers were in time and instructions were clear. btw if you want a Multiple entrance visa then need to go through a medical checkup. About studying: the program is about daily life, so quite useful interesting and easy learning. I reckon improvement is very up to your attendance, efforts, quality of your sleep at night and how you do homework, mostly those flash cards with chinese characters. going to apply for the second semester and continue with a higher level special thanks for a cool party on Xmas to everyone at school crew.

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Yes, I recommend this program

impact of the SN mandarin school

I talked to Frank. from beginning all went ok with getting a student visa. I got it in Shanghai. papers were in time and instructions were clear. btw if you want Multiple entrance visa then need to go through a medical checkup. About studying: the program is about daily life, so quite useful interesting and easy learning. I reckon improvement is very up to your attendance, efforts, quality of your sleep at night

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Yes, I recommend this program

SN Mandarin

It was a good time to study at SN Mandarin.
My teacher Lisa was very good organized and always prepared for each lesson. Within 2 weeks we have study together all the program reffering to HSK 2 exam.
All the staff was very frendly and !!! everyday I was able to drink a good coffee at the office.
Thank you all the staff expecially Lisa and Frank Wu.
I would like to come back . See you maybe next year.

What would you improve about this program?
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No, I don't recommend this program


I made a plan of study with the school that I would start an HSK5 course, but when I arrived I was in an HSK4 level class. When I asked to be switched the school was finally forced to admit they have no HSK5 level class. They agreed to give me a refund, but after a week passed I didn't receive it and called the police. I'm out almost 13,000 now and I don't think I'm the first student to have a problem with them.

Response from SN Mandarin

Thank you Hannah, but it's really sorry to have you feel still bad after we've been making different possible efforts and done all that was good for you.

The teaching dpt.'s feedback is your level was not the level you FEEL you were, and to help students to better reach the target, the teaching dpt. is always arranging students to a group of most proper level. Yes there was not a group of HSK5, because there was no student of HSK5 then. The school's regulation is that the class will open even if there is only one student of a different level and it happens sometimes. But your situation is not. Your target was HSK5, but you should start from where you were, to well master the necessary skills to reach your target, not start from where you want.

You said you waited for one week, yes, the refundment request has to be well reported and get approval which takes at least 1 week, and you were informed this from the beginning when your program consultant helped you write the refundment request. It could have been done very soon, but it's really sorry to see that you were not behaving like a real student who would always well discuss, respect the school regulation and find a reasonable solution, but like someone who just want to cheat for a student visa and get the refund money back, through really strange ways, cursing the staff, telling lies to different staff who want to help, confusing the staff and blaming them...

Luckily the school admin felt you might have something happen to your life that made you behave so strange and did not want to add more difficulties to your life by cancelling your student visa from the school and approved all the refund.

Wish you all the best and sorry again for the unhappy memory to both of you and the school. It did well remind the school of understanding the real intention of applicants from the beginning to avoid similar problems.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Michael Wang

Partner and Coordinator of West East Internship Bridge, nearly seven years of work experience in multi-cultural communication, four years of work experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, founder of online learning Mandarin, wealth of multi-cultural experience and communication skills. Michael studied at the University of Hertfordshire and Malvern House London College of ABE Business Administration course.

What position do you hold at under SN Mandarin? What has been your career path so far?

I am West East Internship (WEIB) Program Coordinator and Partner at SN Mandarin, respond in coordinating with interns and job sponsors and assisting program director. Before joining SN Mandarin to start the WEIB program, I was with an online Mandarin Teaching Organization as the founder. As a partner with a more reputable school program, I take more responsibility, from managing website design, making brochure, answering enquiries, interviewing with applicants to matching best positions from our data base.

It is much busier, but I really like it, because it is exactly my career vision, to be an international culture communication worker. It is to a great extent, because of my oversee study and work experience in London.

What does the future hold for WEIB? Any exciting new programs to share?

Talking about the future is my favorite topic. People say future is in China. I have no doubt about it. China hold the biggest population/marketing, and people work hard, same as me. In WEIB we have the best international team, led by Jon B. Anderson who has nearly 20 years of on-the-round experience in Asia, an MBA from Pepperdine University. In addition to his expansive career as an international senior business leader and consultant, and he has also taught at the University level in both Shanghai and Chicago.

Our company motto is :” WEIB - Your Reliable Global Internship Partner”. Apparently we want to be the best one in Asia.

What about the future of the industry? How do you think study abroad and international education will change over the next 10 years?

Well I think people are no doubt now it is a global world in economy. See what happened to The Russian ruble now, seriously plunge. some people don't really like it, say it is too much everything is about economic, business and money now, Poland tomato price change easily because Russian fruit embargo from EU and competition from China tomato but I think the global economic is more positive and it is the future.

Now back to our subject, I think economic globalization promote the international exchange of education. Westerners more willing to work or study in Asia, not like before just one direction (East to West). So I think study abroad and international education will still maintain upward trend and more balance.

Which study abroad destination is most underrated? Conversely, which is most overrated?

It's hard to say which destination is the best and which is not that good, as different people have different opinions. In my opinion, US and Europe still are a nice destination for eastern people to embraces international multi-culture and diversity. To some extent, China is quite like America, and full of opportunities, challenges and love. So China is also a perfect study abroad destination.