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Sotheby’s auction house was founded in 1744 when Samuel Baker, an entrepreneur, occasional publisher, and successful businessman held his first auction. Today at Sotheby’s Institute, we emphasize a keen understanding of an object’s value and history, a spirit of inquiry and scholarship, business acumen, and innovation that build upon these foundational values.

The Institute offers educational programs for professionals, pre-college audiences, and graduate students seeking expertise in art business and an understanding of the $60 billion global art economy. Our course offerings cover everything from art history to key business skills from our campuses located in the world’s art capitals of London and New York, as well as online.


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Sotheby's Fall Gap Year Program

This gap year program is a fantastic way to be either introduced or further your intellectual curiosities in the art world. The reason this program is so unique is because of the people, independence, and culture. I had the opportunity of meeting and living with 15 fellow students coming from all around the world which granted a great opportunity for both friendship and perspective. I would consider all of them life long friends. Along with the students I met are the RA's of the program who acted as my guardian angels. I also had fantastic and well versed teachers who made each class day unique and engaging. Lastly, and probably the most exciting aspect of this program, are the artists, curators, and business professionals we met and even formed relationships with. And those are just the people!
Class is 5 days a week, which gives little time to be bored. I would estimate we visited about 12 different galleries, museums, or centers each week. It can seem a bit overbearing, but do not fret, there is still plenty of time to explore London on your own terms on the weekends or after class. I was able to experience the night life, go to plays and the ballet, and even take a weekend trip to Edinburgh outside of class.
This program definitely pushed my stamina which could be difficult at times. There is an expectation that you attend all classes (there are exceptions like if you are sick, obviously) which is something you should be prepared for before applying or attending this program.
Another thing you should be aware of is that you will have flat mates and a roommate in most cases! It is fun and it is also up to you to keep your flat clean and to feed yourself here. It is a simple concept but can definitely be a challenge, especially for an international student.
As I am taking a gap year right now, this was a great opportunity for me to practice my independence, be presented with opportunities, and explore ideas for my future studies. I would recommend this program to almost anyone, but definitely for those interested or inspired by art, business, and exploration.

What was your funniest moment?
In the first two weeks of the program, we had a ballet class as part of our day. As we all barley knew each other and I can confidently say none of us were dancers, it was an extremely vulnerable moment for all of us. However, it was hilarious to see everyone attempt to Releve and Saute. Although I most definitely embarrassed myself that day, I think it was a great way to force me to be more comfortable with everyone.


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