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University of the Arts London is top 2 in the World for Art and Design (QS World University Rankings® 2019). We offer an extensive range of courses in art, design, fashion, communication and performing arts. Our graduates go on to work in and shape creative industries worldwide.

The University draws together 6 renowned colleges, each with its own world-class reputation. Our state of the art facilities include workshops with letterpress machinery, studio theatres, gallery space as well as libraries and archives for research into hundreds of years of the greatest artists and designers.

UAL welcomes students from all over the world to programmes in the arts, design, fashion, media, communication and performance, lasting from three weeks to a year.



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Yes, I recommend this program

This course gave me the opportunity to learn different techniques to develop even more my creativity and find my own visual identity in every project that I make. I had time to experiment new things without being afraid if it was going to work or not, cause every mistake you make is one more step to the success. I would recommend to anyone looking for an improvement in your career. You'll have the opportunity to try new materials and techniques each day with amazing professionals by your side, giving you the help needed. At the end of the course, you'll be able to see how each person have your own style, working on the same project. It's an amazing experience that will improve for sure my future personal projects and even my knowledge about the textile area.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My summer exchange at the University of Art London - LCC was very rewarding. I had a great time exploring the City of London and a lovely moment to encounter the people from Europe.

The classes there were very useful because we can learn about writing in a range of genres. All my writing is posted on my blog -

The most massive challenge in the classes is to make a zine in a week time. Even so, we completed it in time. In my reported feature, I had noted the problem of homeless people in London. Thus, I tried interviewing homeless people and charity in London. This experience was fabulous, I can't imagine the homelessness is an ongoing concern in the UK.

In conclusion, this three-week time is unbelievable. I have only been here for a month, but the memories I made would be unforgettable for a lifetime.

If you a looking for a Journalism course, then this course should be your first choice. Not only having a great time in the UK but also get some journalistic practice in the three-weeks time.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I loved how the course showed me London and architecture in a unique way, I got to enroll in local projects and get to know some amazing places as well as projects, it helped me to see architecture in a new way, and also to explore architecture. We did everything by hand, instead of doing it by computer, which was a new way of doing and designing things, at first I didn’t enjoyed it that much but then I realized how many details you can see and add by doing everything by hand! At last I really enjoyed it and i hope to apply it in my future projects at my school! The activities that I enjoyed the most was the walking around London, I got to know London as a real local and also I explored almost every corner of London, I loved how my teacher explained every single detail of every corner in London.

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe one thing I would improve is the amount of work and how the work is done, because we did everything by hand, which I enjoyed quite a lot, but I think the work could turn way better with help of other devices and technologies
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Yes, I recommend this program

First of all, I would like to say that this project has helped me fulfill my dream of trying to do a theater design.
Second, the curriculum is really good. Leaving us three days a week, but also can ensure that the course is very professional, and really fruitful. Three days a week is enough for me to feel London by watching kinds of London performances, visiting London creative markets and museums. Then during class time, the teacher will watch exhibitions, perform and visit the studio and theater backstage with us. The experience of seeing exhibitions together is completely different from doing that by myself , while visiting we can discussing, it really has a great benefit. And the teacher will also recommend a lot of small museums to us.
Based on our reactions to these exhibitions and performances we have seen, we develop our own storyboard and make models to make our ideas come true. In this complete process, the teacher treats us all as independent designers and listens to our ideas to help us solve the problem. The process of finding out the problem and solving the problem has made me very fruitful. Even if my original major was jewelry design, I could still get something useful for me to prepare my own collection of design works in the future.
Because there are not many people in a class, teacher have the energy to give advice and help to everyone.
So I think it is very friendly for people who come to London to travel, the student who come to further improve their major, or students to experience foreign teaching methods in different majors like me, even those who do not have any art foundation but just want to experience it .

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Don't be shy and unconfident, because of the lack of confidence in speaking English, in fact, there are a lot of times that I want to do communication with my classmates but I have not done. It's really bad to make people think that I don't want to make friends with them, and it's obviously a good opportunity to practice English that should be seized.

Alia Pialtos
Yes, I recommend this program

Studying in London opened my eyes to an amazing city and encouraged me to rethink my creative practice. I joined the BA Hons Ceramic Design course for the winter term at Central Saint Martins while I was a student at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. There, we were tasked to work in small groups as a design consultancy for real clients. My group produced a set of ceramic measuring cups, mixing bowls, and cookie stamps for a London-based lifestyle magazine to promote slow living and family values in an urban setting. From the ceramic pieces themselves to the packaging design and magazine article, we created prototypes and marketing materials for all aspects of this project. As part of our research, we attended Ambiente in Frankfurt, one of the largest design and consumer goods trade fairs in the world.

This experience offered a true glimpse into the design world and the English educational model, which is much more focused on independent work in comparison to the American tendency to emphasize in-class contact hours. I really appreciated this experiential approach to learning. Outside of my main course requirements, I took a short course in Modern Art History at the Tate Modern. It was incredible to meet at the museum each week and discuss the techniques, meanings, and concepts of the works while they were right in front of you.

London is such a vibrant city and there's so much to explore by just walking around all of the markets, neighborhoods, and parks. I stayed in the university accommodation near Elephant & Castle which was pretty nice and safe. I shared an apartment with 6 other girls from all over the world who were studying through the UAL system. I was the only one studying abroad, so it was great to be fully integrated with the full time degree students. We did a fair amount of traveling together on the weekends and during break. London is an easy hub to access other parts of Europe, even for a few days.

Looking back on this experience, my semester abroad continues to carry meaning. I worked with fantastic studiomates, designers, and tutors who I've been able to keep in touch with as I have navigated through art school, graduate school, and my professional career as an artist. The new facility at King's Cross is a gorgeous space, and I'd go back in a second to work in those studios.


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