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University of the Arts London is the world’s sixth best University for Art and Design in the QS World University Rankings® 2018. We offer an extensive range of courses in art, design, fashion, communication and performing arts. Our graduates go on to work in and shape creative industries worldwide.

The University draws together 6 renowned colleges, each with its own world-class reputation. Our state of the art facilities include workshops with letterpress machinery, studio theatres, gallery space as well as libraries and archives for research into hundreds of years of the greatest artists and designers.

UAL welcomes students from all over the world to programmes in the arts, design, fashion, media, communication and performance, lasting from three weeks to a year.


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United Kingdom


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Studying in London opened my eyes to an amazing city and encouraged me to rethink my creative practice. I joined the BA Hons Ceramic Design course for the winter term at Central Saint Martins while I was a student at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. There, we were tasked to work in small groups as a design consultancy for real clients. My group produced a set of ceramic measuring cups, mixing bowls, and cookie stamps for a London-based lifestyle magazine to promote slow living and family values in an urban setting. From the ceramic pieces themselves to the packaging design and magazine article, we created prototypes and marketing materials for all aspects of this project. As part of our research, we attended Ambiente in Frankfurt, one of the largest design and consumer goods trade fairs in the world.

This experience offered a true glimpse into the design world and the English educational model, which is much more focused on independent work in comparison to the American tendency to emphasize in-class contact hours. I really appreciated this experiential approach to learning. Outside of my main course requirements, I took a short course in Modern Art History at the Tate Modern. It was incredible to meet at the museum each week and discuss the techniques, meanings, and concepts of the works while they were right in front of you.

London is such a vibrant city and there's so much to explore by just walking around all of the markets, neighborhoods, and parks. I stayed in the university accommodation near Elephant & Castle which was pretty nice and safe. I shared an apartment with 6 other girls from all over the world who were studying through the UAL system. I was the only one studying abroad, so it was great to be fully integrated with the full time degree students. We did a fair amount of traveling together on the weekends and during break. London is an easy hub to access other parts of Europe, even for a few days.

Looking back on this experience, my semester abroad continues to carry meaning. I worked with fantastic studiomates, designers, and tutors who I've been able to keep in touch with as I have navigated through art school, graduate school, and my professional career as an artist. The new facility at King's Cross is a gorgeous space, and I'd go back in a second to work in those studios.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I've had a great experience from London College of Fashion. I graduated from Textil and Design in Sweden 2016. After my experiences in sewing, I wanted to learn more in depth about the business in the fashion industry and that's why i selected this program. It has given me so much tools and knowledge that I couldn't even imagen that I would learn. I can really recommend this program to a person who wants to see the reality of the fashion industry and get a greater knowledge and inspiration to which part one will find themselves in the industry.

How can this program be improved?
This is a great program. But it has been really challenging to work with people who are not interested in this subject, I don't know why they apply. So the thing that could be improved is the admissions, it will be a greater experience for the teachers as well for the students who are passionated about this.
Yes, I recommend this program
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While I appreciated my semester at UAL Camberwell, I couldn't help but end it feeling disappointed. The course content, rigor and schedule is very different from that in the US, which is what I wanted (my goal while studying abroad was to become immersed in British culture and this definitely happened). But I couldn't understand the connection between our projects and graphic design. All of the instructions were vague and any and every idea was acceptable with no critiques from professors or students.
I used Adobe software one time the entire course, otherwise I was writing/researching for either a rather conceptual programming project and a film project. The film project was especially disappointing, as I felt that graphic design was the last thought while all the other components of the project like filming, writing, acting, etc were placed front and center.
My least favorite part about the course was the constant group work. There was not a single time except for the research paper where I could be alone with my work and be productive. I understand the importance of group work but it seemed the other students did not. People were constantly late to class, tutors included, or didn't show up altogether. This was extremely frustrated and I became so fed up that with 2 weeks left in the semester I left my film group and did 7 weeks worth of work on my own within the last 2 weeks. It was an unproductive, frustrating, and semi-inspiring semester.

How can this program be improved?
The briefs MUST be graphic design related. I am terrified that I missed valuable, practical skills at home and now feel incredibly unprepared for an internship this summer and for my senior thesis. Also, I received absolutely no accurate information on this course before I spent my entire savings to come here—none of what I was told was true. I suggest putting prospective students in touch with Camberwell directly rather than assuming what the program is like and passing on false information.
No, I don't recommend this program
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This program was so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the different projects we worked on in class, as well as the remarkable tour and show experiences we got to participate in. I really felt like I got to see things the average theatre-goer wouldn't experience. The instructor was incredibly helpful and friendly, too, and was wonderfully involved. Living in London itself, and traveling to Wimbledon for class, was also a really unique and engaging experience. It truly felt like I was living there - not just a tourist. All in all, a fantastic way to experience a new city and country, with structure and academic/practical challenge, but also with time to see the things I wanted to see on my own. If I could, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

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