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Vivientes (Living) project supports the common good principles and the creation of self-sustaining modules on ancestral and less helped communities, to guarantee access to organic food, house, education and culture/identity.

We have worked in several communities, we have documented results.

Vivientes provides year-round not-for-profit programmes ranging from English language camps for children, permaculture courses, fitness and nutrition, arts and crafts and community social projects. Our goal is to bring progress from inside-out, giving knowledge and skills to allow to use or create opportunities.

We are building a Vivientes network full of young travelers who want to join this amazing experience on working and transform a community.

We have am art-studio, wood workshop, guest house, landscape view, internet access, an a lot of tools to prepare the projects for the commune.

Hope to see you soon and join the adventure.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Karen and Nando, two lovely,kind and hardworking poeple, have bulit a bamboo house in such an amazing nature and have a really interesting and healthy life in Moñtanita. They work with different communities in Moñtanita and Ecuador with children! I stayed with them for a week and can't forget all the great days and my lovely moments with the kids! I loved it that I had to plan the class by myself and even with not knowing any Spanish, I had so much fun with the kids! Just go there and have the best experience ever in Ecuador! You will definitely love it!
I really love u guys and hope to see you again one day!

Muchas Gracias,

Melika from Iran


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