Volunteer between the Beach and Mountains - Community empowerment

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Volunteer in Ecuador Beach, 7 activities to join in your experience
Volunteer in Ecuador Beach, 7 activities to join in your experience


We invite people around the globe to join the Vivientes experience with Share and Learn Program.
The Internship positions we have are ideal for those concerned with helping children and families with their overall wellbeing, take care of the environment and rescue of ancestral histories and values.
The program includes an intercultural experience between local members, staff and Vivientes projects and activities.

Areas on Vivientes internship:
– English lessons for children and youth: integration with community children
– Art & Design :Make art about ancestral tales for community gallery.
– Arts & crafts manufacturing with bamboo (Rurrana): Developing new and eco-friendly products.
– Family organic Garden & Products

  • Join at least one program: Teaching English, Art + Creativity Labs, Bamboo Furniture & Building Manufacture, Bamboo Ancestral Music, Handicraft Manufacture & Horse Carea
  • Create Community-driven projects focused on local needs and delivering sustainable positive impacts
  • Work directly with community program - Highly affordable program fee from $150 for the 1st week or $400 a month.
  • One project - 7 different programs (activities) to create high impact in communities and learn new skills and experiences.
  • UNIQUE - Share + Learn experince. Get an amazing adventure and learn skills while creating a positive impact on the community.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Have the best experience in Ecuador

Karen and Nando, two lovely,kind and hardworking poeple, have bulit a bamboo house in such an amazing nature and have a really interesting and healthy life in Moñtanita. They work with different communities in Moñtanita and Ecuador with children! I stayed with them for a week and can't forget all the great days and my lovely moments with the kids! I loved it that I had to plan the class by myself and even with not knowing any Spanish, I had so much fun with the kids! Just go there and have the best experience ever in Ecuador! You will definitely love it!
I really love u guys and hope to see you again one day!

Muchas Gracias,

Melika from Iran