Volunteer Art, Teaching, building and sustainability
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Volunteer Art, Teaching, building and sustainability

This is a social initiative that generates development on ancestral and poor communities by the access of knowledge and rescue of ancestral values.

The project re-establish the relationship between the community children and a more sustainable way of life. Giving them knowledge to generate new ideas and abilities to empower themselves. In that way when they grow up, they will not need to seek job on the city's (local bars, restaurants, alcohol vendors, hotels). Instead they will generate them own entrepreneurship by local tourism, organic products, ancestral practices, and more.

The project include organic farming, bio-building (bamboo & earth) , wood workshops, teach english through storytelling and more!!

This is a TWO LOCATION project. We have a station near the beach and other on the community deep in the coast mountains and a lake. We travel between them each week.

South America » Ecuador
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The program include
Accommodation on the tree camping house
Open communitary Kitchen
Travel to the community deep into the mountains.
Bikes for local transport
Pickup from Montañita bus station.
No Food Include

Remember the program is absolutely free for the commune members. If you believe in what we are doing, and want to be a part of it, please apply.

For skilled professors and builders can apply for free hosting scholarship.
Contact for more information.

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Vivientes (Living) project supports the common good principles and the creation of self-sustaining modules on ancestral and less helped communities, to guarantee access to organic food, house, education and culture/identity.

We have worked in several communities, we have documented results.

Vivientes provides year-round not-for-profit programmes