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Driving development by language learning.

Volunteer in Cambodia! We provide affordable, high quality volunteer opportunities to teach English at our language center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Conversations With Foreigners.

CWF provides affordable English classes to Cambodian students, profits going to support rural development projects in North East Cambodia. International volunteers teach conversational English language classes to adult Khmer students from all walks of life.

Our unique teaching curriculum is rooted in real-life Cambodia, empowering students to use English as a real communication tool to talk about their own lives and express their own culture.

Experience the real Cambodia with cultural excursions, Khmer language lessons, and immerse yourself in the local community for the experience of a lifetime!


#247C · Street 271 · Sangkat Toul Tum Poung II
Khan Chamkamon
Phnom Penh


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This was easily one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. I was 26 years old and travelling alone for the first time. The amazing staff welcomed me into the beautiful volunteer house. I made friends with the other volunteers (who were from all over the world) and I am still close with them today.

The accommodation and food is awesome. You are provided with bikes and you are living close to the Russian markets (great smoothies!) and a gym.

Of course, the most rewarding part of this experience is the teaching side. The students are so eager to learn and very respectful. It is impossible not to develop a really good working relationship with them and really invest in the classes. Don´t worry if you´re not an experienced teacher! I had never taught before but you are provided with detailed teaching materials and training and a lot of the time the students simply want to have a conversation with you.

The staff go above and beyond to introduce you to Cambodia. You really get a ´local´ feel and you are able to obtain great travel tips to the temples and beaches.

Great value for money for a rewarding and unforgettable experience!

Amanda Segedin

How can this program be improved?
Can´t think of anything! I had a wonderful time
Yes, I recommend this program
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The CWF staff takes care of you--from stocking the teachers lounge with coffee and materials to helping you negotiate for a bicycle or booking busses for weekend excursions with your new friends. My favorite thing was the extras, like the time the volunteer house cook took me to the market shopping and then taught me how to cook Khmer-style curry.

My wife and I volunteered together while our five-year-old son was in a local daycare, and they helped us navigate all of that. The CWF staff helped us find an apartment at a good price and were just amazing overall.

Yes, I recommend this program

I'm a non-native English speaker from Holland and this was the first time I taught. I figured that I needed a well-structured organization, able to provide me with all the support needed. I couldn't be happier with my decision to volunteer for CWF (Conversations With Foreigners) as it was the most amazing experience in my 21 years on this planet!

Why I definitely recommend CWF:

- The staff is incredibly kind and determined to help you with whatever you'll need
- CWF's managers are very accessible
- Motivated, adult students
- Teaching workshops are very helpful, especially for first-time teachers
- Free Khmer language classes
- Program lenght of three months is perfect to get to know the Cambodian culture
- Free. You'll only have to cover living expenses

I volunteered for CWF from June 1st - August 28th, 2016 and I definitely want to return someday.

Hopefully I will see you there!

How can this program be improved?
Some people, like me, will feel the need for some luxury when staying in a developing country for three months. If you think you'll feel the same, I'll recommend staying independently. Rents are affordable.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I undertook this programme as a career break and am 100% satisfied with my choice. I elected to stay independently very close to the school and the cost of living is very affordable. $400 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment, weekly expenses just over $100 including eating out each night. $5 will get you a main meal at good restaurants within walking distance.
Was a first time teacher and found the support from CWF staff fantastic. And for those wanting to build fitness in your spare time, there is a Sports Club with gym and pool just 100metres from the school. I joined for 3 months for $150.
The students are great, ranging from 15 to 40's and very appreciative of what insight we provide as an overseas teacher.
Highly recommend CWF overall.

Yes, I recommend this program
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From start to finish the CWF adventure has been inspiring and transformative. The first time you set foot on Cambodian soil you feel welcome and appreciated. It started with a trip to Kratie, do!phin watching on the Mekong and a Khmer homestay.
Teaching the beautiful Khmer people is a heartfelt experience. There is so much gratitude and unconditional love given. They have a heightened sense of obligation to help the development of their beloved country. It is so rewarding to be part of all this. There are so many fabulous cafes and restaurants here as well as fascinating places to visit. The support provided by CWF makes you feel as if you are part of a very compassionate community. There will always be a special part in my heart for Cambodia and its wonderful people. A challenging and enriching time not to be missed.The friendships forged with both volunteers and Cambodians are so worthwhile and hopefully enduring. It will be very difficult to return home.

Yes, I recommend this program


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