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Make your next Summer Holiday useful through Volunteering !

*Driving Cambodia’s development through English teaching.*

Conversations With Foreigners is seeking volunteer teachers to teach Khmer students English at our language center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, starting May 31st 2017. Next terms in August, November and February.

Profits from student fees help provide a sustainable source of core funding for the development projects of our partner NGO's.


CWF’s unique in-house curriculum draws on the student’s desire to share their traditions and uphold their cultural identity. Content reflects the realities of Cambodia and incorporates many aspects of Cambodian life. This is effective in motivating students to practice their English and promotes a balanced cross-cultural dialogue between them and their teachers.

Volunteering with us will give you those opportunities:

• between 3 to 4.5 hours per day from Monday to Friday
• 3-month teaching ESL program with about 200 hours of classroom experience
• an easy curriculum to follow
• lead your students to create conversations
• exchange your culture with students who come from all walks of life: high school and university students, Buddhist monks, tuk tuk drivers etc.
• And an awesome team of volunteers to support each others !

Because being a volunteer is a real gift to us, we also offer many to you:

• Teacher Training incl. weekly workshops, observations, one on one feedback, etc.
• Airport Pickup.
• 10 Day Orientation.
• No 'programme fee'. You only have to cover your own expenses.
• 24 / 7 Living support, incl. Khmer language lessons, social activities, day trips, travel arrangements, cooking lessons etc.
• You directly contribute to grass roots development projects!
• A range of organized social activities
• Excellent opportunity for new ESL teachers to get some experience and test the waters abroad, while developing teaching skills
• At an extra-cost, you can visit one of the projects to see the real impact of your participation
• (optional) We have secure accommodation available for only US$725 / 12 weeks incl. meals! Or we can help you to have your own accommodation !

Join us and learn to give to receive priceless gifts: thanks from a nation with a deep history, living in so close but also different world, a sunny culture where you'll hardly catch a cold and environments worth quitting the urban western world.


• Native or near-native level of English
• 18+ years of age
• TEFL / TESOL / CELTA (or on going certification)
• Motivation and enthusiasm for the challenge

Visit our website for more info and to apply:

  • No fee
  • Complete program
  • Phnom Penh capital city
  • Help communities
  • A lot of fun

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Questions & Answers

It generally is a mixed age group ranging from 19 even up to 70. The majority are in their 20's and 30's. Age is irrelevant. Generally the younger ones live in the volunteer house whilst the over 30's to 60's live independently in their own apartments. Everyone seems to get on. We are all young at heart.


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  • Impact 8.8
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 9.2
  • Value 8.7
  • Safety 8.6
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Unforgettable Experience!!

This was easily one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. I was 26 years old and travelling alone for the first time. The amazing staff welcomed me into the beautiful volunteer house. I made friends with the other volunteers (who were from all over the world) and I am still close with them today.

The accommodation and food is awesome. You are provided with bikes and you are living close to the Russian markets (great smoothies!) and a gym.

Of course, the most rewarding part of this experience is the teaching side. The students are so eager to learn and very respectful. It is impossible not to develop a really good working relationship with them and really invest in the classes. Don´t worry if you´re not an experienced teacher! I had never taught before but you are provided with detailed teaching materials and training and a lot of the time the students simply want to have a conversation with you.

The staff go above and beyond to introduce you to Cambodia. You really get a ´local´ feel and you are able to obtain great travel tips to the temples and beaches.

Great value for money for a rewarding and unforgettable experience!

Amanda Segedin

How can this program be improved?
Can´t think of anything! I had a wonderful time
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing Experience for Families!

The CWF staff takes care of you--from stocking the teachers lounge with coffee and materials to helping you negotiate for a bicycle or booking busses for weekend excursions with your new friends. My favorite thing was the extras, like the time the volunteer house cook took me to the market shopping and then taught me how to cook Khmer-style curry.

My wife and I volunteered together while our five-year-old son was in a local daycare, and they helped us navigate all of that. The CWF staff helped us find an apartment at a good price and were just amazing overall.

Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing experience in the 'Kingdom of Wonder'!

I'm a non-native English speaker from Holland and this was the first time I taught. I figured that I needed a well-structured organization, able to provide me with all the support needed. I couldn't be happier with my decision to volunteer for CWF (Conversations With Foreigners) as it was the most amazing experience in my 21 years on this planet!

Why I definitely recommend CWF:

- The staff is incredibly kind and determined to help you with whatever you'll need
- CWF's managers are very accessible
- Motivated, adult students
- Teaching workshops are very helpful, especially for first-time teachers
- Free Khmer language classes
- Program lenght of three months is perfect to get to know the Cambodian culture
- Free. You'll only have to cover living expenses

I volunteered for CWF from June 1st - August 28th, 2016 and I definitely want to return someday.

Hopefully I will see you there!

How can this program be improved?
Some people, like me, will feel the need for some luxury when staying in a developing country for three months. If you think you'll feel the same, I'll recommend staying independently. Rents are affordable.
Yes, I recommend this program
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CWF Volunteer program

I undertook this programme as a career break and am 100% satisfied with my choice. I elected to stay independently very close to the school and the cost of living is very affordable. $400 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment, weekly expenses just over $100 including eating out each night. $5 will get you a main meal at good restaurants within walking distance.
Was a first time teacher and found the support from CWF staff fantastic. And for those wanting to build fitness in your spare time, there is a Sports Club with gym and pool just 100metres from the school. I joined for 3 months for $150.
The students are great, ranging from 15 to 40's and very appreciative of what insight we provide as an overseas teacher.
Highly recommend CWF overall.

Yes, I recommend this program
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From Phnom Penh with Love

From start to finish the CWF adventure has been inspiring and transformative. The first time you set foot on Cambodian soil you feel welcome and appreciated. It started with a trip to Kratie, do!phin watching on the Mekong and a Khmer homestay.
Teaching the beautiful Khmer people is a heartfelt experience. There is so much gratitude and unconditional love given. They have a heightened sense of obligation to help the development of their beloved country. It is so rewarding to be part of all this. There are so many fabulous cafes and restaurants here as well as fascinating places to visit. The support provided by CWF makes you feel as if you are part of a very compassionate community. There will always be a special part in my heart for Cambodia and its wonderful people. A challenging and enriching time not to be missed.The friendships forged with both volunteers and Cambodians are so worthwhile and hopefully enduring. It will be very difficult to return home.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Life on Penh's Hill

As I walked alone on the Monivong Boulevard, I felt the cool evening air on my face and I could sense that the night was coming to life. I was walking towards a friend, who was about to take me for a traditional Khmer barbecue. We strolled for a while along the busy road and finally reached a cozy place where we were welcomed and seated by the courteous staff. The food that we enjoyed in the next hour was probably one of the best I had ever had. After a delicious and filling dinner we decided to leave for a costume party at a friend's place. Since I had never met anyone in the party before I was a bit nervous, but it soon turned into excitement thanks to the cordial host and the awesome people in elaborate costumes. After spending a considerable amount of time at the party I decided to leave before midnight since I had morning classes the next day. My friend offered me her motorbike so that I could avoid the late night tuk-tuk and save some money. It was when I was riding the motor on the empty streets of Phnom Penh when I witnessed the majestic full moon shining in front of me. The cool night breeze, the motor ride and the full moon made me realize the beauty of this place. I was happy on Penh's Hill.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Khmer Challenge

Living in Cambodia is a unique experience in itself. It is a blend of old and new, underdevelopment with progress, and the not so nice with the incredibly beautiful. The people are warm and welcoming. The travel to outside locations is affordable and a must so that visitors can experience the other more traditional aspects of the country besides the busy city lifestyle.

The river dolphin tour was one such side trip that is unforgettable. Boating down the peaceful river under the shining sun, while searching the rippling water surface for the massive shadows of these majestic creatures was an adventure not to be missed.

Siem Reap is another venture to be experienced. The various sites of temple ruins show the remnants of ancient civilizations, some of which have been invaded over the centuries by the unfolding beauty of nature.

How can this program be improved?
Classes taught could be scheduled closer together so there is less traveling back and forth to the school. Food could be provided on weekends to lower expenses for volunteers.
Yes, I recommend this program
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- The staff were pretty amazing and provided a lot of support - Mad props to these guys! The education services manager ran optional teaching workshops for the teachers every week or so which were pretty awesome.

- The students were pretty cool as well. CWF itself charges students which I think makes a heck of a difference in commitment levels and the motivation of your students.

- The staff accommodation is pretty bad. I would really not recommend staying there. If you wish to live independently the CWF staff will help you find a flat for the duration which is a way, way better option (one I really wish I'd taken!).

From what I gleaned from ex CWF volunteers I met (the expat community is really, *really* small in Phnom Penh) that had moved into paid teaching positions in Cambodia, CWF itself is a far better run than most of the language schools about.

Terrific experience overall and highly recommended if you're wanting to check out Cambodia or looking for some TEFL experience! :)

Response from Volunteer In Cambodia (VIC)

Hi Ben! Hope everything is going well in China!

Thanks for the great review and feedback. Regarding accommodation, the house is designed to be as affordable as possible, so many 'creature comforts' like Air Conditioning are not provided.

That said it is secure, clean, and reasonably comfortable (as far as shared rooms can be!), with meals provided. It is by far the most affordable and easiest option; however for those who prefer the comfort and privacy of their own apartment, we are more than happy to assist in finding suitable accommodation!

Thanks again Ben, all the best!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Khmer New Year

We were fortunate to be in Cambodia for Khmer New Year. The wonderful, mostly Khmer, staff at CWF included the volunteers in their traditional Khmer New Year celebrations. It was a fantastic occasion. We were surprised and encouraged by the similarity of so many of the Khmer traditional games with games we played as young children in Australia.

Also, I could not complete this survey without commenting on the Khmer people. In our experience, they are exceedingly friendly, welcoming and generous people. It is impossible not to feel happy and positive in their company. We made many great friends.

And finally the students. Essentially because they have chosen to attend CWF, and paid money to attend, they are highly motivated and extremely well behaved. Teaching them was both a pleasure and very rewarding.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great experience!

I volunteered with CWF in 2012 and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

The staff throughout the program are incredibly dedicated to the mission of the school and are always there to talk with you or help you out, and, unless you opt for the accommodation/food package, participating is completely free (however I definitely recommend going with the package if you're up for the socialising!)

The school itself offers you enough support both in regards to your volunteer teaching and immersion into the culture, offering both teaching workshops with a detailed curriculum as well as language classes and activities/excursions with the group.

The location is also great - you're a quick walk away from the school itself as well as only being a short tuktuk/motodop ride everything else. Cambodia has enough public holidays that you are also able to travel within the country.

The fact that CWF has a continuous cycle of volunteers also rids the school of a "voluntourism" vibe as there are no large gaps between the volunteer groups. Each 3 month volunteer program is an individual semester for the students so that the change of teacher in a new semester is not destructive to the learning.

All in all I would 100% recommend the program - it's so rewarding and with only ~5 contact hours every week day it also gives you enough time to enjoy the city the way you want to.

How can this program be improved?
I personally saw no issues with the program when I was there.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I couldn't have come to a better place for my first teaching experience! :)

I applied to teach at CWF on a whim and without any teaching experience. 3 months later, I'm thinking of making teaching my career! I had the time of my life in Phnom Penh and the credit for that goes mostly to CWF and their support!

First of all, I felt very well taken care of for most of my time there. From the moment we arrived, there was always support. All our questions were answered by our wonderful and caring in-country support lady Soriya (who seems to know everything). We got optional free Khmer lessons and a very useful orientation about life in Cambodia. During our orientation period, we had the opportunity to visit one of the projects that are supported by CRDT, the organisation the school donates its profits to.

I lived in the volunteer house and we had everything we needed. Any problems could be addressed and were taken care of.

Since many of us hadn't taught before, we were nervous about it, wanting to do our best for the students. There was no need to worry, either:
we received some training in the beginning and then ongoing support throughout our semester. Any questions we had would be answered right away and David, the Education Services Manager was always happy to help us out with ideas (and he has tons of them) or share his vast teaching knowledge.
I was also impressed by our coursebooks. Many ESL coursebooks focus on American or British culture, which can be confusing and irrelevant to Asian students. Therefore, our school designed its own books with content relevant to life in Cambodia. I taught English and in turn learned a lot about Cambodian culture.

The school also organised outings to local sites and made everyone feel like part of the family from day one. I felt very welcome and have been told that I can come back any time, to visit or use the resources.

All in all, I'm grateful and happy that I could teach at CWF for these 3 months and already miss my students greatly. Cambodian students are a pleasure to teach, since they are very eager to learn, very respectful and friendly. I would do it all again and my come back for another semester in the future! :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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Learners' motivation is energizing

Every day, around 1000 learners, all ages and from all walks of life, experience the opportunity to take a class with English speakers without having to pay an exorbitant tuition fee. They open the School's front door quietly, cross the reception area respectfully and walk to their respective classrooms cheerfully, and willing to learn. The staff not only reciprocates the deference, care and attention, but also instills them in us -- the volunteer teaching staff.
Efforts are made to provide variety in teaching experience (different levels and modules), leisure experience (excursions and longer trips) and cultural experience (language and cooking classes).
In a fast changing developing country, difficulties are expected but there is nothing that advance psychological preparation and open attitude cannot overcome.

How can this program be improved?
Offer more classes in English-for-Special-Purposes
Yes, I recommend this program
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You will love every moment :)

Loved my experience with CWF. We were all so well looked after by the staff who all have such a beautiful passion for what they do, they are so supportive and are literally there 24/7 and will do anything they can to help you. The programme is so well organised and the trips are fantastic. With the teaching there's a clear and easy structure to follow with the workbooks your students get and yet there is complete freedom on what you choose to do in your lessons. This was my first time teaching, and I'm so glad I chose to do it with CWF, I would recomend them to anybody beginner and experienced alike and I would do it all again in a heart beat! Teaching itself is so much fun as it's conversational English which means you really get to know your students and you feel like your make a difference to them. Our accommodation is literally a 5 minute walk away or a 2 minute bike ride, and it's in a really convenient past of the city with everything you need withing walking distance.
Phnom Pehn is a great city to live...warning: you will fall in love with it as soon as you step off the aeroplane! There is something for everyone weather its bars and night life, malls, rustic markets, wats or something more peaceful. Nothing is too far away. I think everyone should come here at least once in their life, everyone you speak to has either come here and ended up staying or have come back to work. The people are so friendly and you feel safe even thoigh it's a city and its easy enough to get out of the city too for day trips and short holidays.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fantastic Experience!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with CWF. The school teaches conversational English in a semi-formal setting. I think that this creates a great contrast to the rigid formality of the English taught in school.
The students are all very eager to learn, and you come away with the sense that you've genuinely made a difference. You have the freedom to teach whatever topics is your students are most interested in, but there is also the choice to follow a comprehensive textbook. Most volunteers use a mixture.
The staff are all very friendly and ready to help with any issues that might arise. The entire course is well structured with a comprehensive induction week including a trip to rural Cambodia.
All in all, a fantastic volunteer placement, I can't recommend it enough.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Volunteering done right!

Volunteering at CWF is one of the best things I have ever done, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The administration of the programme is exceptional, the level of support and genuine care of the staff is fantastic. Living with fellow volunteers just a stones throw from the school in a vibrant and exciting part of town was an experience that is hard to accurately describe in words.

My time at CWF was culturally richer than anything I could have imagined. The teaching was highly challenging, but the support in place at CWF made meeting those challenges achievable and very rewarding.

The CWF programme is a perfect example of how a volunteer experience can really work. Its incredibly rewarding to volunteers, and of significant benefit to those they help.

This was something I will never forget.

How can this program be improved?
The staff strive to make everything as easy as possible, but like anywhere, sometimes little things are lost in translation! These small misunderstandings just make the experience all the more genuine and bring out the cultural quirks!
Yes, I recommend this program


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