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Volunteer Palestine is a grassroots volunteer travel organization established by locals. The founders of the program are refugees from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem who wanted to find a way to assist the local community where resources are limited.

We offer volunteering programs in Law and Human Rights, Journalism, Refugee and Community Development, Art and Design and many more............

The concept of Volunteer Palestine, as with any good idea, came about in a conversation among friends in a coffee shop. We wanted to come up with a way that would engage the international community with the Palestinian culture while also providing much needed resources to local organizations and families. We figured the best way to do is to invite you to come live, volunteer and socialize with us to discover what we are all out.


Hebron Road
Palestinian Territories


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There are more little bits and pieces to make you fall in love with a place than I could possibly ever tell. My landlord family who had me over for dinner every single day during Ramadan and afterwards we’d sit and watch silly Egyptian TV shows even though I understood nothing. The little girl who hugged me so hard and didn’t want to let me go when she saw me leaving the camp. The teenager who turned around on the bus in Jerusalem to stick a big bag of candy in my hands. The laundryman who gave me an arabic name and called me Zahra every time I went back. My merchant friends who didn’t want to sell me anything but just talk politics and drink tea. The woman who gave me bread at Qalandia because we’d been waiting for hours. Every single person that stopped to help me find the way even though I wasn’t lost. Drinking carrot and orange juice from the 24 hour juice place while watching the chaos at Al Manara. The 4 shekel falafel which saved me so many times. Homemade mujaddara. The music and fire at Hosh al Yasmine. I could go on for hours and I still can't possibly describe even a little what Palestine feels like. What made this experience unforgettable is that there almost everything is a lesson. You're constantly learning- not only while being at your desk or researching an assignment but also though your daily contact with the people and the place itself .In general I have never lived anywhere where so many people continuously and unconditionally offer help and encouragement at every corner, despite living under difficult conditions as they do in the West Bank”

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