Teen Japanese Language Camp in Japan

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Yes! There is definitely time for this. Depending on my class time (you can have morning, afternoon, or evening class depending on the schedule that week) I would spend time with friends either before or after class. We would often go out to eat lunch or on other personal excursions that were unaffiliated with the school. For example, I went to some art museums, visited an arcade and manga store...

Yes, we do have camps then occasionally! Email Connor at ccargill@greenheart.org for more info!

Hey Natalie. You will fly there on your own (we have students flying in from all over the place so we don't have just one flight) but we'll make sure you feel comfortable with the directions and how to navigate the airport. Once you get there you will be picked up at the airport and in a group or with your host family the entire time you're in Japan.

We accept teens from ages 14-19 years old in Japan!

Yes, the total costs to pay are as listed there! The fee includes all accommodation, 2 meals per day, and language classes while you're in Japan, as well as a lot of other things that you can read about here: https://greenhearttravel.org/program/teen/language-camps/fu… It does not include your flight to Japan, however. The cost of a flight depends on where you are coming from...

Hey Sarah! We don't have camps outside of the summer right now, but sometimes have spots open during Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Email us and we can chat about it, ayates@greenheart.org (Allison Yates)!

Hi, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately we don't have the detailed info on scholarships for this program. We recommend contacting Greenheart Travel directly to see what forms of financial aid are available. You can contact them here: https://greenhearttravel.org/contact. Here is another great article on finding third-party scholarships and grants for funding your adventure: https://www...

Yes I’m pretty sure you can as long as you’re not over 18. If it turns out you can’t, I think GreenHeart are a parter programme or something like that because when I arrived at the school there were people of all ages from many countries so if you just go direct to the GenkiJACS website you may be able to find a way to go through there

If you are applying early enough, you would be able to discuss a payment plan with your program manager as long as the fee is paid in full before you depart on your program.