If I’m a Mexican girl, can I go??

Posted by Anabella De 3 years 2 months ago


Hi, Anabella,

Thanks for your enquiry. Yes, you can. There are a couple of things to be taken into account.

Being a Mexican citizen I think your motivation is not learning the language - as we share one - but about our culture, traditions, way of living and so on. That is fine, but you have to bear in mind that Spanish families' motivation to host an au pair is that their children learn a foreign language - mainly English - so if you want to apply your English hast to be good.

Then, you also have to consider the length of stay - less or over 90 days - that will determine whether you need a visa to enter Spain or not.
Less than 90 days you usually enter as a tourist, longer than that you will need a student/aupair visa.
I would advice you to contact your nearest Spanish consulate for accurate information on visa requirements to enter Spain as an au pair.

Hope this info has been useful to you.