Au pair Spain with Destino Idiomas, Summer and Academic Year

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Would you like to improve your Spanish? Take a gap year? Or maybe just during your summer holidays? Have you considered being an Au pair?
As an au pair you will receive food, board and stipend at your host family, and also free time to attend language lessons or simply relax and enjoy your stay in exchange for childcare and sharing your culture and language.

A cheap, easy and rewarding way to travel, live and learn.
Stays from 1 to 3 months in summer up to 12 months all year
We have families from North to South, East to West: Galicia, Andalucía, Madrid, Cataluña, Valencia, Canary Islands, etc..

  • Welcoming families
  • Diverse locations all over Spain
  • Our continuous support and follow-up
  • Free board and lodgings plus weekly stipend
  • No admin charges for you

Questions & Answers

Hi, Anabella, Thanks for your enquiry. Yes, you can. There are a couple of things to be taken into account. Being a Mexican citizen I think your motivation is not learning the language - as we share one - but about our culture, traditions, way of living and so on. That is fine, but you have to bear in mind that Spanish families' motivation to host an au pair is that their children learn a foreign...
Hi, Una, Au pairs usually receive a minimum of 70€ for 25 hrs p.w. 75€ for 30 hrs p.w. English native speakers usually receive a bit more than that but that is up to the families. On top of that full board and lodgings. If you are not a EU national, family will also pay half of you medical insurance for the lenght of your stay with them. Hope this answer helps you. Looking forward to hearing from...


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  • Housing 9.6
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 8
  • Value 9.1
  • Safety 9.7
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I would really recommend this program, as I have many great and warm memories about Spain and my host family. I was really lucky to get into this family as they treated me like a family member. I always had help and support.
Family alway took care about my interests and helped with social life.
Many interesting places were shown me, many interesting people were introduced to me.
I`m very grateful everyone!!

For future participants I can say that there is no doubs about this family. If they invited you, you shoud go :)

Some tips about Lara)) she is active, positive, likes chocolate, cartoons, painting, swimming pool and swings)))

How can this program be improved?
give some help with finding Spanish language courses. Especially if you live in not a big city.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Au Pair for the Summer

I have had the absolute best 2 months of my life. In such a short time I have grown as a person and experienced so many new things. Although I have the upper hand because my family lives here, I have had an amazing time with my new host family as well.

Destino Idiomas and Ana specifically has been so helpful beginning with our first interaction with my curiosity about the program. Ana was able to match me with the perfect family that was also close to my family that lives here in Spain. Throughout my trip she also helped me resolve small issues that I had and also connected me with other Au Pairs in the area.

My host family were so welcoming and treated me as one of their own. The two children were so sweet and so eager to learn. I am still currently with the family and it pains me that this is our last week. The children are so loving and fun to be with. The family was also very flexible and I was flexible so we were a perfect match.

In my free time I had the luxury of going to the beach or adventuring the town each day. I met various people through social media apps and au pair groups. I have now met other people from all over the world and it was so easy and fun! I also was able to go on a trip to Porto, Portugal by train.

I highly recommend au pairing to everyone! This experience has been amazing and I will definitely be doing this in the future as well. I have also only spoken to people that have also had amazing experiences. DO IT and you will not regret it!!!!

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program
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Au Pair in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

I am an avid Ultimate frisbee player and wanted to be an Au Pair in a town where I could play with the local team. There are not a lot of ultimate frisbee teams in Spain but this program went out of their way to research the different ultimate frisbee teams and then see if they had families near by those towns. That is how I ended up in A Coruña and it was a perfect match.

The first family that this program found for me was an immediate match. They were so nice and when I got there, they welcomed me with open arms, my own room and bathroom, would buy me any food I wanted, and were very flexible and reasonable with working hours and time off. My main goal was to learn more Spanish and learn about a culture and this family was perfect for that. Even after two weeks, my Spanish abilities had improved so much and my perspective had broadened by being adopted into this culture.

I am so thankful to have found this program, they helped me find the place perfect for me and a great family.

How can this program be improved?
Offering a better environment for talking about the cultural differences. Maybe offer a representative from the Au Pair's home country that has also Au Paired in that country so that they can exchange cultural differences. It is important to feel like there is someone there who truly understands and has experienced the uncomfortable aspects of Au Pairing. It is especially important for that person to be from a similar culture to the Au Pair so that there is a higher level of understanding. This can offer good therapy and ways to cope with the uncomfortableness.
Yes, I recommend this program
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One year as an Au Pair on Fuerteventura!

Since March 2017, I'm living on the island Fuerteventura and working as an Au Pair. I have one word to describe the past 8 months; wonderful!.

The family I work with is amazing, I feel like a family member and the kids treat me like a big sister; which is also the reason that I decided to stay not for 6 months, but for 13 months!

When I applied at the company in the Netherlands, the told me about Destino Idiomas and about how they work. Every now and then I receive an email or phone call from them to check up on me!. I really appreciate that!.

Working here in Spain is wonderful and working with a organisation that is supportive and keeps contact during your stay makes it even better!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Summer on the Mediterranean coast

I chose to work with Destino Idiomas because I consider the director, Ana, straightforward, honest, and an Au Pair advocate, having been one herself. She was very supportive throughout my home-stay.

I strongly advise taking full advantage of the placement process. I was not completely satisfied with my placement; however I do take responsibility for this because for the most part, it was my lack of communication and specificity about what I wanted that resulted in my placement.

If you want to be within walking distance from grocery stores, cafes, and parks, I recommend clarifying that with the agency and host family. I requested a small town, thinking that it would be similar to where I am from in terms of layout and accessibility, however the family lived in a small neighborhood on the outskirts of a town, and a fifteen minute drive from any business establishments. I think its important to factor in what activities you will want to do in your free time when choosing a location. Also, I would suggest being flexible with your criteria— for example, although my host family lived in a more isolated area than I would have liked, this was was made up in part for by the fact that they had relatives and friends living nearby so the house was always full of guests and activity.

I also recommend thinking critically about the child care you can provide, and what type of family fits your expectations. I was placed with a child with challenging behaviors, thinking that I was prepared for the work because I had previous experience with children labeled difficult. However, I had worked with children with challenging behavior in the range of 3-4 years-old and 10-11 years-old, rather than 5-6 year-old, and the difference threw me off guard. That being said, I had no previous experience working with children 11-13 months, and I ended up having an amazing time bonding with host family’s baby, and thoroughly enjoyed watching her learn to speak and walk!

Finally, be specific about your expectations when talking with the family ahead of time, and find out theirs, in order to get a more realistic image. For example, over phone call or email, ask them what a typical work day will be like, and communicate what you have envisioned. That way, you can adjust your expectations before arriving.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Unforgettable 2 months in Galicia!

Maybe specificaly in Sanxenxo or Pontevedra (weekends). I have never been before more than 2 weeks without my family, friends, in a completely different place, etc. It was my first experience like an au-pair. But this decision - to travel like an au-pair, was one of the best in my life. You can recognize various unknown things, other culture, people, do something you have never done before...
Of course that nothing is perfect. First week I had various problems, but your host family, people from the agency, friends or family from your country can help you. Or other au-pairs. :) I met one Canadian au-pair in Sanxenxo. First I was quite shy, however she was a big support for me. We have got some of the same views. We tried to speak Spanish together, to know the country from which the other is, our host families and town...
My host family was like my real family. Parents of girls were very nice to me (I took care of 2 girl - 8 and 5 years old). When they had some doubts, they usually told me it. It is important to know, what you should do in better way. Their cleaning lady always had some advice, what I should do with girls.
Great luck for me was tutoring from Spanish. I had 2 clases/week with a very sympathetic and dear lady. The last Saturday we did excursion together to a place with beautiful views to ocean. I hope that I do a progress in Spanish.
Thank you very much to the family, agency from Spain and from Czech Republic!
I really miss these moments and Spain, too.

Yes, I recommend this program
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6 Months as an Au pair on Fuerteventura

I absolutely enjoyed my time as an Au pair on the Canary Islands.
Needless to say; the weather was quite beautiful most of the time. More importantly, the family I was placed in was warm and welcoming, they showed me around the island and made me a member of their family. Though living on an island without a university and only about one hundred thousand people could get a little bit lonely, this also depends largely on your own efforts. The agency helped out with that, giving the option to join a distinct group in an app for meeting new people. In addition, they were always there for me when I had questions or problems, or just wanted someone to practice my Spanish language skills with!
Muchas gracias, tuve un tiempo maravilloso!

Yes, I recommend this program

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Destino Idiomas offers you to booster your Spanish while living with a family in Spain as an Au pair. We look for young English native speakers, male and female - 18 to 30 y.o - willing to meet welcoming families, awesome nature, stunning food, and a...