Do you have winter teaching jobs? I am unemployed for 3 months of the year and am looking into teaching abroad during those times.

Posted by Heather Janetzko 5 years 9 months ago


Hi Heather, thanks for reaching out!

We have a few of options available to you. We currently have two volunteer teach programs, one in Thailand and one in Panama. The Thailand one lasts about 1 month, the Panama program lasts from 4-12 weeks. With the Thailand program you travel to various English camps throughout Thailand and so get to see a great deal of the less explored parts of the country.

With the Panama program you're based in a small coastal town and teach local kids on afternoons. There's a great deal of free time left to explore the incredible scenery and culture of Panama. Both of these programs are unpaid, so you won't earn while you're on them.

Then with our regular Teach in Thailand program, you can teach for just a few months, usually 3 months is a minimum, schools often prefer a bit of a longer commitment, but short placements aren't unheard of. Here you will earn a salary - it's just important to note that the Thai school year ends towards the end of Feb or beginning of March so there would be no teaching time available between then and the beginning of May.

Reach out to our enrolments team with the Get Started button on any of our programs or the Enquire Now button on our website.