What are the qualifications required to be an English teacher and what is the scope for a fresh out of college graduate?

Posted by Salil Prashant 3 years 7 months ago


Hi Salil. Thanks for your question- it's one we get often so thanks for asking! The qualifications to be an English teacher does depend on which country you are looking to teach in and what the associated visa and school requirements are. At the most basic level for all programs a teacher needs to hold a Passport from one of the seven countries that are considered native English speaking: USA, Canada, UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and the teacher must be a native English speaker. A Bachelor's degree is often a requirement to obtain the legal working permit (with the exception of Myanmar and Costa Rica where degrees are preferred but not required to legally teach). There are certain age limits for countries, health requirements, specific certification types, background check requirements. But in terms of teaching experience- it is not required to have any formal teaching experience or a degree in education. The certification will help you acquire the necessary skills to teach effectively.

As a fresh-out-of-college graduate, there is no better plan after graduation than to use the teach abroad experience to help you grow personally and professionally. It allows you to travel long term in a sustainable way and in a way that allows you to immerse yourself into a new culture. It heightens your public speaking skills and proves to future employers your cultural adaptability and sensitivity. It allows for immeasurable personal growth and the chance to make a positive impact on students through education.