Can students in the intermediate section still take classes at the university?

Posted by Giselle Lewis 1 year 4 months ago


Hi Giselle,
I think they can. However, I would not recommend it actually. Classes at the university are taught completely in Spanish and also at the level for native speakers and would be very difficult to keep up with if you are not near fluency. Regarding what section you are placed in, I know with my program, IES, you take one placement test before you arrive and two more after you get there and I personally was placed in the intermediate section initially and tested into the advanced section once I arrived. If you are placed into the advanced section you are able to take classes at the university and even encouraged to. I chose not to take classes at the university and still felt challenged in my classes I took at IES as they were all taught completely in Spanish. Best of luck and let me know if you have any other questions!