How far is the commute usually? Do people use bikes or public transit or is it all walking?

Posted by Rita-Bella 5 years 11 months ago


Granada is a very walking friendly city. I just walked any where I needed to go, I walked to school, to dance class etc. I don't remember seeing anyone bike. There are also buses, taxis, and cars in the downtown of Granada. I enjoyed walking quite a bit. However, if you want to go to another city in Andalucía there are trains, Seville, another major city is about 1-2 hrs away.

It honestly depends where you are living, I stayed with a host mom and she lived a 30 minute walk from the IES center. For host families, you can be placed anywhere in the city from a 5 minute to a 30 minute walk from the center. I know the dorms were a tad closer to the center as well (not positive). My way of transportation was walking majority of my time there. When I went out late, I took a taxi home with friends. Some people used bikes in my program, there is public buses you can used. I only used the buses when I went to the bus station, I felt more comfortable walking than taking the bus around the city. You would have to take the bus sometimes if you are taking a university course and its at far campus or you have to go across the city. Granada is a small city and everyone walks there basically. Everything is walking distance, just make sure you bring proper walking shoes! Its really what you're comfortable with but most people walked everywhere. Hope this helps.

Most people walk to the IES Center from their homestays, and most people's commutes were under 30 minutes. Only a few more around 40 minutes, and a lucky few were less than 10 minutes away. As far as public transit, Granada only has a bus system, and while it can be helpful (especially for getting to the larger bus station or the University of Granada, if you decide to take a class there), a lot of people chose to walk instead of waiting for the bus, because it can be somewhat unpredictable, just like any bus system. The city is very walkable and it's a nice way to help keep you healthy and in shape, since you'll probably do a lot more walking abroad than you do in the US! (Also, the city is beautiful and the sun is usually out - makes for a pretty nice commute.)