So I have a job that starts June 16th and I want to know how reliable the flights are from South Africa time wise?

Posted by Taylor Rosenblum 4 years 2 months ago


My flight had no delays and was on time.

We had no delays on any of the 5 flights we took on the trip :)

My flight did not have any delays and had no other problems!

Same as the others above, I didn't have any delays on my flights :)

I have been twice and the flights are usually shorter than expected if everything goes as planned.

Most of the time the flights are reliable but things can always go wrong. I didn't have any delays but there could have easily been delays. You need to consider that when applying.

I had no problems with delays, in fact we were almost an hour earlier than coming home than what was told us. So we had lots of time to make it to our connecting flights.

My international flights via South African Airways were all on time. It was my domestic flights through Delta and JFK that I had problems with, but even that was only by a few hours.

My flights from Edinburgh to South Africa and back again had no delays or problems.

Both of the flights we took had no delays and were on time.