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After we painted a Creché for the younger children - UBUNTU!
Bungee Jumped off Bloukrans Bridge - Highest bungee jump in the world!!
Took a break from Hop Scotch!


South Africa is renowned for its vigorous culture, sweeping landscapes and remarkable wildlife – but communities, children’s homes and wildlife reserves need the help of volunteers through organizations like International Student Volunteers (ISV) to address disadvantage and environmental concerns.

Through volunteering with ISV, you can be involved in life-changing community development projects, taking part in tasks such as building schools and playgrounds, urban renewal programs, water and sanitation development and classroom support. On ISV’s wildlife conservation and environmental management projects, you could be assisting researchers in surveying and monitoring of flora and fauna used for conservation management, or volunteering on a wildlife rehabilitation centre. Come join us to make a meaningful difference in South Africa!

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Yes, I recommend this program

ISV South Africa Youth in the Township

This trip to South Africa is a trip I cannot stop talking about! I made such amazing friends and memories during my time there. There were so many beautiful things to see and I enjoyed the special bonds I made with the children in the Township. Each day we went in to the Township and spent the day playing games, doing arts and crafts, and fun activities like such with the children. I wish I never had to leave!

What would you improve about this program?
I really wish the volunteer time could be extended! Just two weeks feels like such a short time and I would have loved to stay there longer and give my helping hand. Such an amazing experience, more than words could explain.
Yes, I recommend this program

de Wildt Project - ISV South Africa

I participated in the four week program: two weeks volunteering at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre followed by two weeks of "adventure travel." It has completely changed my life. I highly recommend doing the whole four weeks if it is at all possible for you.
My time at the Cheetah Centre and the Cheetah Lodge was insanely rewarding. Some of the tasks seemed like they didn't really make much difference, but Rika and the staff at de Wildt did a good job explaining how everything we do helps the Cheetah Centre. Putting a couple dozen volunteers on clearing branches and painting fences and preparing food makes it easier for the center to devote their more experienced man-power to more delicate and more involved tasks. However, the staff ensure that the volunteers do get close interaction with the cheetahs. Feeding rounds, clearing enclosures with cheetahs just on the other side of the fence, and ambassador interactions all make the "menial" tasks worth it. I hardly remember the hard work because it was evenly spaced with very fun and very educational experiences. The staff, the other volunteers staying at the Cheetah Lodge, and Rika are super fun and make every second enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, it's HARD WORK volunteering here. I got tired every day and I was falling asleep before 10 every night, often before 9, and was taking naps in a lot of my free time. Yet it was so rewarding and so worth it.
The second two weeks, Adventure Tour, was so beyond fun. I have had a lot of people ask me what my favorite activity was, and I honestly cannot decide because they were all so so so fun. There were some fun outdoorsy activities like kloofing and caving, and also some chill educational ones like a visit to Lesedi cultural village and Moholoholo Conservation Center. It was perfectly balanced between education and adventure. Most of my stories came from these two weeks, but the true impact on my world and the world around me came from the first two weeks.
It seems expensive, but when you take into account everything that you're doing those four weeks, pretty much all included, it's about $1,000 a week, and it's worth every penny. The memories and experiences and friendships will last a lifetime and are more than worth the money.

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I have to offer is that it was very self-contained. There weren't many opportunities to explore the local culture during the first two weeks at de Wildt. However, Tour more than made up for that.
Yes, I recommend this program

ISV - De Widlt Cheetah Conservation Project in South Africa

This experience was so out of my comfort zone and going in I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I remember being so incredibly nervous in the JFK airport. My ISV group was meeting by our flight gate and I has so anxious and scared, I sat alone by Jamba Juice listening to calming music and trying to distract myself from my nerves in a smoothie bowl. When I finally gathered the courage to meet my group, I was immediately fascinated and engulfed in these new friends. We shared stories about our lives and our expectations and joked about how unprepared we felt for this great adventure. Over the next two weeks, these people became so special to me. Each of us were completely new to South African culture but we were all eager to jump into this new world and take on any task that was thrown at us. We built roads and mixed bowls of raw horse meat with our bare hands, we painted wildlife enclosures and had our body and clothes forever stained with paint, we got to experience wild cheetahs up close and develop relationships with these animals (my favorite will always be a cheetah named Zoro, who took a liking to me the moment we met). At nights, we would all gather in the Cheetah Lodge and write in our journals, play games and puzzles, paint, play volleyball, joke and laugh and create memories. We got to explore Hartbeespoort, hike the oldest mountain in the world, eat the most amazing meal at a local Herbal Garden, and zip line. These experiences, the satisfaction of knowing we truly made a different at the De Wildt Cheetah Center, and the relationships that bloomed over these two weeks changed my life and I would do anything to experience it again. I have never had to say a goodbye as hard as the ones I had to say to those people I met in South Africa as I boarded the plane back to the States. If you have an insatiable need to serve and explore the world, I highly recommend traveling with ISV.

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing that could be improved in the De Wild Cheetah Conservation Project is that there be more local/cultural immersion and community interaction. During evenings and weekends (aside from our one free day), we are forced to stay at the Cheetah Lodge. While this is fun and we developed great relationships with Rika and each other, we began to go a little stir crazy and wanted to explore the community outside the Lodge.
Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing trip

I signed up for this project, without knowing where I would end up. I ended up at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center, and men, what a blast we had. Working with beautiful animals in a super friendly environment. After that two weeks of vacation, traveling to Mozambique and Swaziland. Again such a blast. I loved the trip and the project/tour leaders were amazing people, being very knowledgable. Loved it!

What would you improve about this program?
Apart from the food, nothing to be improved.
Yes, I recommend this program

An Experience of a Lifetime

I did the 5 week program with ISV and I don't regret signing up for it. I don't want to sugar coat this trip too much but the fact is that this trip is an experience of a lifetime. I'm not much of an outdoor person, nor do I like to socialize much, however, doing this trip has gotten me out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to meet new people from around the world.
Volunteering at the Ann Van Dyke Cheetah Center was a lot of hard labor. We had to paint, clear out enclosures for the animals, clean the hospital, etc. It was a fulfilling 2 weeks and you learn a lot at the center.
Tour and Excursion are optional, but you will regret not signing up for it.
Tour was awesome we went to so many places and did many activities. Magaliesberg, Swaziland, Mozambique were all great places to visit. Some of the accommodations were interesting to say the least. Living in huts in Swaziland to a nice resort in Mozambique was an experience. Chill activities like gamedrives in Kruger, elephant encounter, or just learning about the culture were fun, but the adrenaline activities were next level fun. Kloofing and caving was really fun and it allows you to support and cheer on other people and it brings the group closer together.
Excursion was the best week out of this whole trip. It was more chill than tour. My excursion group was way smaller than on project or on tour and it lets you connect with these people more. We got to do more gamedrives and white water river rafting. Which I think is an activity you must experience. There are also other optional activities that you can pay for like Micro Light Flights or Bungee Jumping. If you are planning on entering the photo competition, going on excursion will definitely give you the edge to win the competition.
The entire experience was really fun and I wish it didn't have to end. ISV is a great organization and I highly recommend this trip and organization.

What would you improve about this program?
Let Project and Tour leaders go on excursion.
Yes, I recommend this program

Four Extraordinary Weeks

When my friends ask me about my South Africa summer adventure, the first thing I tell them is that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Volunteering overseas has always been a bucket list item for me, and ISV helped me do that while also having the time of my life. The trip I did consisted of two weeks volunteering, and two weeks of traveling around South Africa, Swaziland, and Mozambique. ISV also offers a variety of different volunteer projects to ensure that everyone can help out in the most enjoyable way for that individual.
In the community development project that I volunteered in (Izizwe projects), our group helped out in a township by gardening, painting daycare centers, and organizing activities for the kids. In those two weeks, the entire community welcomed us with open arms, making it easy to feel at home, and difficult to say goodbye. The volunteer work was so humbling, as we were able to teach the skills that are often taken for granted. For example, we showed kids how to brush their teeth and taught literacy classes for adults. As much as I loved doing the activities with the kids all day, I also loved that we did different volunteer work everyday. The schedule was pretty flexible in that if there was something one of us wanted to do or see, it was easily fitted into the schedule. I also learned so much on this trip about sustainability and climate change that completely changed my perspective on everything and inspired me to live more sustainably. On top of that, we were given several options for weekend activities, including going to the nearby Elephant National Park, bungee jumping, zip lining, and hiking!
The two-week adventure tour traveling around were filled with activities and culture, as we were able to go cliff jumping, interact with wild elephants, visit a Swazi orphanage, take surf lessons, see wild animals in Kruger National Park, and so much more. Although the volunteering was probably my favorite part of the trip, I'm so glad I did the two-week adventure tour because it gave me unforgettable experiences that I will always cherish.
As a student and young adult, one of the best things about the ISV trip was sharing the experience with other young adults who have the same passion for traveling and volunteering. I am so grateful to have met all these amazing people and the experience would not have been the same without any of them.

What would you improve about this program?
The only aspect that could be improved is the cost of the trip.
Yes, I recommend this program

Best time of my life!!!

Most of the activities we carried out have been mentioned in other reviews so I don’t want to spend time writing about it. I would rather share my overall experience there.
I have always wanted to volunteer abroad but it always seemed impossible (especially when I first saw the price of ISV programme). However, what I learnt travel should never be a matter of money but of courage so get out of your comfort zone. I know there are plenty of other alternatives but ISV seemed to provide a really good service judging from previous participants’ reviews. So I chose ISV and I will never regret it.
As we have been told during our project week, you see a bigger picture when working in a smaller community. This is a very brief description of ‘voluntourism’, a concept introduced to us by the co-founder of VA32 (volunteer africa), Mike. It is very true when you go into a community and really get to see how they carry out their daily life, what are their living conditions and so on. These things are impossible for you to see if you had joined any ordinary tour. What you would have seen is just a plain huge statue of Nelson Mandela(about 3 metres tall) and you will go and take a selfie with it and that’s it without being able to appreciate what the man has done for the country. If you are like this, you can consider yourself a tourist not traveller. Travel, not to escape life but for life not to escape us.
The two weeks of project was eye-opening. You WILL make friends for life and you WILL miss everything there once you get back to your home country. Do not forget to join the adventure tour because you will do things you will never do again like riding at the back of ‘bucky’ (4 by 4), watching lions and cubs walked past you, seeing the big 5, jumping off cliffs, singing songs in the bus, watching ‘Lion King’ in South Africa, getting to know who can fall asleep the fastest in a bus ride and what not. After the 2 weeks of volunteering, you deserve to have some fun so join the adventure tour. You will get to meet more people from other projects and now the list of people you are going to miss just gets longer. Also, you get to have more stamps on your passport.
There are a lot more things I could write about but I guess no one will really read the whole review if I keep on writing. Let me end my review with a quote written on the wall of ‘Back to Basics’, where we learnt scuba diving in Mozambique, “there is no adventure in your comfort zone” .

Yes, I recommend this program

Science, Sustainability, Adventure, and FUN!

Wow! This was my second trip with ISV and I honestly didn't know if this trip would live up to my last trip... but it absolutely did! I volunteered doing conservation work at Masebe Game Reserve in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The work we did was hard, rewarding, fun, and extremely valuable for anyone looking to have a career in the life science. Our project leader Kirsty, and the researchers Norman and Edward were extremely knowledgeable of the bush-veld ecosystem and the many organisms that inhabit it. We learned about everything from invertebrates, lichens, and vegetation to mammals, birds and reptiles! Each day we would do a three bird point counts in which we would go to different areas in the reserve and form a circle and call out the birds we saw and or heard. To do these accurately we first had to learn the common birds by sight and call. Next we would do VCA's (Variegation Composition Assessment) in which we would work in the bush-veld running transect lines, forming quadrats and measuring vegetation. This was time consuming and required a bit of hard work and concentration to ensure accurate data. We would also stop any time we encountered a Giraffe and record how man we saw and the gps location. In order to get all this work done we had to leave each day at 6:00 AM and brave the cold of the South African Winter. However it was worth it, to be out in one of the most amazing environments in the world to learn valuable skills from real experts! We also had small lectures with our project and or researchers to discuss different environmental and social issues facing South Africa and the world. These lectures were extremely informative and thought provoking and broke down misconceptions we may have held. We stayed in the Telekishi Cultural Village which was composed of mud and manure buildings that were not only extremely nice but were very effective insulators and fully equipped with electricity. The head of the cultural village was extremely knowledgeable of the area, its history and the people and he took us to the nearby village and around the reserve to teach us about the cultural, historical significance of the area. The head researcher Norman also runs an environmental education program with the village school that we got to assist him with. Over the course of the two weeks on project i learned a plethora of information as well as made some life long friends. The other volunteers are some of the most amazing people i have ever met and i have no doubt in my mind that i will be friends with them for the rest of my life! After project we set off on a two week adventure tour in which we met up with a tour leader Tasch (who was hilarious and extremely knowledgeable) as well as the other volunteer from the other ISV South Africa programs in which i made even more friends! With our tour group we visited Swazi Land, Mozambique, and more of South Africa. We went to Kruger National Park and saw lions, zebras, elephants, rhinos and more! We stayed in a variety of resorts, and did everything from SCUBA, snorkeling with dolphins, Kloofing, hiking, game drives, and caving! This trip was nothing short of an amazing, life changing adventure in which i gained invaluable professional experience, world perspective, and made amazing friends!!!!

What would you improve about this program?
Let project leaders go on tour!
Yes, I recommend this program

ISV South Africa Primary School Renovation

I had a really great experience with ISV hosting my South Africa trip. This was my first experience traveling abroad and I felt very safe and connected to the other student travelers. I learned SO much and went on so many local (not tourist) experiences. I am grateful that I found this program! My parents felt SO SAFE sending me overseas knowing that ISV has been working with students for years and years. It is a little pricey, but worth the cost!

What would you improve about this program?
more organized with responding to emails. While i was in SA, it was hard for my parents to make contact with ISV (but there WAS a huge time difference)
Yes, I recommend this program

10/10 Would Recommend

It sounds cliche to say this experience changed my life, but that is exactly what you should know about this program. Nothing changes your perspective on life quite like living in the middle nowhere, sleeping in dung huts and living cut off from the world for two weeks. South Africa was everything we could have wanted, and ISV ensured that we got the experience we were looking for, while still making a difference.

In my story, I spent two weeks working on a reserve, assessing vegetation and game along with 10 new friends that very quickly became family. We woke up before dawn and watched the sun rise as we headed out to the reserve. We learned about the native wildlife, including birds, vegetation and game, allowing us to collect data that would be put toward the upkeep and assessment of the reserve. The work that we did was incredibly important to both the reserve management and the communities in the area. The work was extremely rewarding, knowing that this would otherwise be paid work, or not done at all, in an area of South Africa where spare money can be spent much more wisely on bettering the lives of the locals.
Apart from our volunteer work, we were able to experience Africa in a way that few travellers can. Our living arrangements, as I said, were handmade dung huts. We cooked all of our meals in cooking groups and finished our nights sitting around the fire, looking up at the milky way perfectly positioned in the sky. In our spare time, our leaders took us on game drives, to visit the neighbouring community, hiking, games, lectures, lessons, playing with the resident dogs/cats, reading in hammocks, drinking tea, journalling and basically enjoying every single second of our African adventure. It was paradise. And if you ask any of the group, 2 weeks was not enough! We could have lived there happily for much longer!
Our leaders were tremendous and saying goodbye at the end of the two weeks was so difficult! ISV does a fantastic job of selecting their leaders. Kirsty, Edward and Norman were all so easy to get along with, very educated in the area we were working in and loved sharing the experience with us. I miss them all!

The two or three weeks after the volunteer experience are optional, but I can guarantee you that if you opt out of the four or five week package you will forever regret it. It is one thing to experience South Africa from the comfort of our village, but don't pass up the opportunity to see Blyde Canyon, Kruger and the Big5, Swaziland culture, coral reefs, markets, mountains and so much more. The second two weeks allow you to extend the group of international best friends you leave with and see more of the beautiful continent we were lucky enough to visit. Again, our tour leader, Tasch, was amazing and was more of a friend to us than anything. And if four weeks doesn't seem like enough time (which I promise you, it is not!), a fifth week in Zambia and Botswana is also offered. I was lucky enough to spend all five weeks in paradise and highly recommend doing so. We camped out in Chobe National Park, lived in and explored an unreal Zambian city, met many locals, bungee jumped off of Victoria Falls Bridge, was swept away by Zambezi rapids and stood in the monsoon mist of Victoria Falls.

I can't say enough good about this experience and about ISV itself. Yes it was costly, an obvious concern for students paying for school fees as well, but it was worth every penny and has opened so many doors to future travelling, work and opportunities. Explaining my overseas adventure in a short review is no easy task, and most of what we saw and felt in South Africa cannot be explained until you jump on a plane and experience it for yourself. But for students that want to find out more about what it is like with ISV, I kept a blog of my stories and adventures and would love to share it with anyone that is considering this experience :

Please don't turn down the opportunity to make lifelong memories and friends!!

What would you improve about this program?
Yes cost is always an issue for students. Save! and fundraise! I did not fundraise and wish I would have.
Read my full story
Yes, I recommend this program

An experience of a lifetime

I loved traveling to South Africa, Swaziland, and Mozambique through ISV! It was unique that the volunteers were able to have exciting volunteers projects and experience the adventure tour throughout the month. It was a great way to meet people that you would have never met otherwise as well. Volunteering was definitely a life-changing experience, and it introduced me to new perspectives. I learned a lot as well including topics such as sustainability and climate change. One of my favorite experiences was bungee jumping in Tsitsikamma! It was an activity I would've never thought I would do, but with the support of ISV I tried something new and learned I can actually be an adventurous person. The adventure tour was definitely worth the cost. It was a great opportunity to go to three countries in two weeks with various activities to do. It included activities such as kloofing, caving, elephant encounters, and game drives, etc.. Each activity was lots of fun! It was nice to be guided throughout this traveling experience to ensure you see amazing places and try crazy things. We stayed at amazing accommodations with great service! There were always things to do when we were not doing activities. The food was also amazing! I had never been out of the country before, so this was a great way to introduce me to new things and other cultures.

What would you improve about this program?
My only complaint was that the costs were not straight forward. There were many hidden costs throughout the trip, so no one was aware or prepared. By the end of the trip, I had to spend way more than I initially planned. I would have preferred to know every single cost ahead of time including the optional activities and food costs.
Yes, I recommend this program

An Epic Life-Changing Adventure

Africa, the continent of endless possibilities and amazing adventures. As a child, nothing fascinated me more than when Nat. Geo. aired episodes of all the wildlife that engulfed the area, especially the Cheetah. I fell in love with it at first sight; suddenly my little hometown somewhere in the Atlantic was not enough, and would never be. Traveling the world and learning about wildlife and anthropology of the area is also a big part of what I want to do with my life in the grand scheme of it all. So when I heard that I could spend, not two, not four, but five weeks in Southern Africa, I mindlessly signed my name on that piece of paper for International Student Volunteers, called my parents, told them I was going, and began my countdown to the greatest five weeks of my life!

The first two weeks were absolutely phenomenal, it was hard work, but I loved every second of it. Ten volunteers all eager to get their hands dirty and learn about South Africa was all I could ever ask for. We lived in huts made from dung and concrete, deep in the African bush with virtually no sign of civilization, equipped with two bush guides and a project leader. After the first two to three days, we all got used to the sounds, temperature, natural order of things, and each other. We did bird point counts, which involved waking up before the crack of dawn, driving into a protected reserve, listening, watching, and documenting our feathery friends. The hard, yet most exciting part of the volunteer work was doing Vegetation Condition Assessments. Several instruments were assigned to the respective volunteers and we would have to map out a transect line via GPS, and get to certain points on the map, set up a data triangle with ropes and rebar, and conduct a survey on whatever vegetation fell within the data points. Not to mention, we also had free time and my favorite part, the "game drives", where we would enter the reserve and drive around looking for any wildlife that we could spot. The best part about this time were the volunteers; we got so close it was unbelievable. Instead of becoming friends, we became family, staying up late, telling stories of home, eating new foods, playing games, working together, looking out for each other, and most of all sharing in this wonderful experience.

The second two weeks were all about adventure! Transported out of the bush and back into society, and given to a Tour Leader, we didn't really know what to feel but we got introduced to 23 new people with, mostly the same experiences so we got along quickly, and soon, they were family as well. I thought Africa couldn't get any more fun, and then we hit the activities. Now we were learning about the cultural side of Africa, as well as more on wildlife. On top of it all, the views were so unreal that at some points I would shed a tear or two at how beautiful our world is.

The last week was excursion time, we lost 27 family members and picked up one. There were eight of us. We were all mostly good friends already, but became even closer over the last week. We laid back, embraced more activities and spent what seemed like an eternity together. Again, I loved every second of it. After a few more wild nights, eventful mornings, and heartbreaking goodbyes, my trip was over.

Over these 5 weeks I have done; over fifteen game drives on multiple reserves, walked with elephants, cruised many rivers, pet a cheetah, went to rehabilitation centers, hiked up steep terrain, stood on top of countless mountains, saw God's window, kloofed heights of up to 50 feet, cooked a few braais, ate some South African pancakes, visited an orphanage with the most amazing children, entered Kruger National Park, looked at the stars, went extreme caving, went scuba diving, swam with dolphins, surfing, camped out with lions, leopards, baboons, hyenas and other wildlife, ate native food, white water rafted, saw Victoria Falls, touched Zimbabwe, and most of all, had the most fun I've ever had in my entire existence on this gas filled planet somewhere out here in the universe.

What I'm trying to say is get out there, live the life you want, never settle. I love all the people that I got the pleasure of meeting over this time in Africa. The natives, the volunteers, the project, tour, and excursion leaders, the places, and the animals have been more than I could ever have asked for.

Cheers to Masebe, Zingela, Ikhaya, and St. Lucia. I love you all.
Oh, and the countries: South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe (technically).

It's never goodbye, only goodnight. Until next time. ISV SA - 2016.

What would you improve about this program?
The program could be a little more involved with ways to help save money for such a costly trip. It was worth every penny, but it could be a little lighter.
Yes, I recommend this program

ISV South Africa

I really loved my ISV experience! I was extremely impressed with the leaders (shoutout to Courtney and Tasch) and all the activities provided. I truly did have more adventures than I ever imagined in just one month! I was also extremely impressed by the incorporation of sustainability/building a greener planet into the program without feeling like it was being shoved down your throat. My only complaint with ISV was the price. I felt like there were too many hidden costs in the program. Between the optional activities package (which EVERYONE does and you'd be stupid not to do), the Mozambique VISA, the extra food for the first two weeks, the overpriced group airfare (which I didn't do), and all the little extra things you buy for the packing list, it did add up. Be prepared for that, but overall, I don't regret a thing and I'm SO glad I did it! I will treasure that experience for the rest of my life.

What would you improve about this program?
Besides trying to get the cost down, I would recommend NOT doing the 2 week program and DOING the 4 week program. All the people on the 2 week program were really regretting not doing 4 weeks when they left.
Yes, I recommend this program

One of the best experiences in my life!!!

This experience offered by ISV was an amazing opportunity for a student to get out of the comfort zone and travel to a completely new continent in the safest and most well planned way possible. For me, it was definitely one of the best experiences I have had and possibly will ever have.

I participated in the one month program. The first two weeks of the experience were spent in Cintsa, East London where our team of 12 worked on the refurbishment of the Cefani Primary School. The work itself involved plenty of scraping and painting but was not too tedious and was extremely enjoyable. The two weeks were also filled with team bonding activities, a few hikes, some cliff jumping (also known as kloofing) and plenty of cultural immersion. We even learnt some basic Xhosa which was the local language. The highlight for me was the kids who dropped by everyday. To see the smiles on their faces and the constant joy that they had was very uplifting and heartwarming.

The next two weeks were spent on tour where we got to do so many amazing activities! These included (but were not limited to) caving, diving, more kloofing, visits to reserves and of course the Kruger National park. I personally enjoyed the caving in Swaziland where we crawled around on our hands and knees in a granite cave.

Through the entire process ISV were completely supportive and helpful, answering all questions we had. We had two amazing leaders (shoutout to Kieran and Tasch!) for the project and tour who guided us and took care of us so well. No doubt they enhanced the overall experience!

Overall the experience was excellent and I would strongly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and join one of the programs run! I am very sure you will love it as much as I did!

What would you improve about this program?
Probably the cost of the program should be broken down into smaller sections so volunteers are aware how much money is going into all the different aspects of the trip (e.g. food, accommodation, etc.)
Read my full story
Yes, I recommend this program

My Month in Southern Africa

This month was the most impactful experience of my life and Southern Africa will forever hold a very special place in my heart. The first 2 weeks were spent working with cheetahs, wild dogs, meerkats, hyenas, and vultures. The food at our accommodation and throughout the trip was absolutely delicious and really helped immerse us in the culture. The second 2 weeks were non-stop adventure and breathtaking views. From the white sandy beaches of Mozambique to the top of the Magaliesberg Mountains, each day held a new experience that would push our limits. Our leader for both the volunteering part and the adventure tour made sure every moment was filled with laughter, fun, and excitement. There is no other group you could go on a adventure like this with. No other place offers trips with nearly as much as we got to do and in such a short time span at such a reasonable price. ISV is the best thing that ever happened to me.