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Hi Asma! 15 year-olds can join us in our High School Specials, and we do have several available in Argentina. You can see the full list here:…

Yes, most projects don't require any previous experience to join as long as you are at least 16 years old. It would depend on the project you are interested in though.

Hi Carmen! Kyle is right, you can absolutely join us at your age! We have had many volunteers in your age group joining us in the past. Our Standard programs don't have an upper age limit so you are welcome to join. However, if you wish to volunteer in a group around people your own age, we do offer what we call "Grown Up Specials", which are exclusive for volunteers above the age of 50. I hope...

I took a look at their site, and most volunteers are 18-25 years old. Many of their projects also do not require any local language experience. Here's the link for more details: