Can a very healthy 62-65 year old apply and volunteer?

Posted by Carmen Fernandez 3 years 11 months ago


Very much so, and I think it is very doable. Some things to keep in mind, time of year, it can get very hot during the summer months (Dec-Mar). Regarding transportation, you will mostly take the bus (reimbursed for volunteer related activities) and a taxi. My host mom said she hosted people into their 60s before and they had a pleasant time. Just be ready for the immersion experience, some homes are nicer than others. If you have any needs, be sure to ask Projects Abroad ahead of time. For example, my home was without electricity for a week. Not common, but other houses had electricity back on within a day.

Hi Carmen! Kyle is right, you can absolutely join us at your age! We have had many volunteers in your age group joining us in the past.
Our Standard programs don't have an upper age limit so you are welcome to join. However, if you wish to volunteer in a group around people your own age, we do offer what we call "Grown Up Specials", which are exclusive for volunteers above the age of 50.
I hope this helps! If you need more information or would like us to discuss your personal needs you can reach us at