How many people travel out on their own to the program?

Posted by Rebecca K 3 years 11 months ago


Most people travel their alone; nobody that I met out there had already met someone on the program so everyone was in the same boat. A Facebook group was set up for us to get in contact with each other before we left so we could discuss flights and travel arrangements - if you're lucky you might end up on the same flight as someone else.

Great question and the advice given by Rhiannon is absolutely correct.

It is most common for participants to travel alone to all of our programs. The majority of our participants are between the ages of 17-24, and are looking for an organized travel program.

We set up a Facebook group, so you can get to know everyone else traveling before you go!

It is not uncommon for participants coming from similar locations to arrange flights together! And operations can potentially aide in some help researching options as well.

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