How much does this program cost for 2 weeks? 4 weeks?

Posted by Michael Quam 3 years 5 months ago


Hi Michael,

After 14 years of successful marine conservation work, our programming has come to completion in the Bahamas. We are looking forward to opening new marine conservation programs and continuing the worldwide efforts in helping to save our fragile marine ecosystems.

Costa Rica is ticking many of our marine conservation boxes, and as such, we are happy to announce that new programs have now launched in this location.

Some Costa Rica location highlights include:

*Comprehensive dive training at a 5 start PADI Centre
*Participants becoming ocean ambassadors as opposed to temporary volunteers.
*Science training, where participants take part in reef and fish survey dives as part of international initiatives and also assist on the dive for debris campaign each month
*Working closely with government departments
*Whale surveying opportunities during whale season
*Safety, safety, safety - programs run by a PADI Platinum rated Course Director
*Access to a number of marine parks
*More consistent weather meaning more diving!
*Loads more optional activities/travel opportunities during time off including rainforest, volcanoes, beaches, wildlife, rafting, ziplining, surfing

New Costa Rica program options are available on the Gapforce website:

10 week Marine Scientist Training:…

4 week Marine Conservation Training:…

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