How long does the process take once you apply?

Posted by Bianca Maldonado 5 years 10 months ago

I am interested in this program and i want to be as prepared as possible. I want to know how long the process takes from the time you apply to the time you get on the plane


There are currently 3 steps to the application.
1. you showing your interest by filling out the application form
a) Disney English will then view this information and if you are a good fit they'll send you the next step
2. A questionnaire asking about various opinions and situations
b) again pass this part and you get forwarded to the next
3. A Skype interview with one of the recruiters - asking for you to go into more detail about your experiences and how you would deal with certain situations both sales and academic related.

So the length of the application is entirely up to you really. When I applied I was forwarded to the next step within the hour and had a skype call 2 days later because of my schedule clashes and time differences. I was offered a position within the week and was allowed another week to consider it.

Disney usually hires 3-6 months in advance ( I think) depending on demand (which is all the time) but the process time from accepted to arriving depends on the documentation you provide and the Chinese government. I always tell accepted candiates that they have to be patient and not to get worried when there are delays. Sometimes arrival can be delayed by a month because the government changes something. But the recruitment team are amazing and they will keep you information, updated and reassured the whole way through. So yeah, 3 months average because because of the documentation side of things. But it goes super quick.