It says that housing is included in the program. Can you describe what type of housing is provided?

Posted by Tyler Foreman 3 years 11 months ago


Hi Tyler! It all depends on your school what type of housing is provided. It could be an apartment or studio... it all ranges. In my case, i lived on my school coordinator’s property. She had rooms built behind her house. My room included my bedroom and a bathroom. I was teaching in thailand so cooking meals was uncommon. I ate out almost every day, but i did have a hotplate, pots/pans and a microwave.

So it all depends on your school and your location!
Housing can range from houses, to apartments, to a dorm room at the school. For example, I lived in a house with 2 other girls. My friends lived in a studio apartment in a big apartment complex. Another was placed in a dorm room at her school (not with other students but other teachers). It will completely vary on your placement! :) I personally enjoyed my housing very very much, but I know someone else who did not but she was able to move!

The type of housing depends a lot on your placement. The apartment I was placed in wasn't the best, but it had a full bathroom, big bed, TV, dresser and small refrigerator. I've heard of some teachers getting better and worse placements, but I think in most situations your school doesn't pay for it directly and so, if you'd like to choose a different one for yourself, you're welcome to. Ideally your school will supplement your salary to cover your housing, but I've heard that in the case that they just pay it directly, the teachers tend to have pretty good luck with their housing. You can expect very reasonable pricing on the housing your placed in, too. That seems to be schools' most important criteria. Air conditioning is practically guaranteed, and if your housing won't have it, you'll know that beforehand and be able to negotiate for better housing after receiving your placement.

It varies depending on where your school placement is. Many teachers are in studio apartments in the same apartment complex as other foreign teachers. I've also heard of shared houses or apartments, always with your own room though!