How long did it take to hear from schools?

Posted by Tasheira Grant 4 years 11 months ago

When applying for different schools on the site, what was the average amount of time did it take to hear back from the schools? Also, what are some interview tips and preparation tools we can use to prepare for a good interview?


Hi Tasheira, Thank you for your question! If you are currently applying for placement through the Teach Away website, there are a few things to be mindful to ensure that your applications stand out. 1) Ensure you meet all of the requirements specified in the job posting, listed requirements are not optional, 2) Make sure your Teach Away profile is up to date and accurate. Placement Coordinator's at Teach Away, as well as schools recruiting directly through the website, will be using this information to assess your candidacy, and 3) Visit the Teach Away job board weekly as Teach Away gets new vacancies often.

If you are a candidate of interest a Teach Away Placement Coordinator will be in contact with you approximiately 2 weeks after you apply. Response times for Direct to School jobs will vary - as these are managed by the school administration directly, not Teach Away recruitment.

For tips on preparing for interviews, building a teacher resume, and choosing a teach abroad destination you can download our TEFL Job Search Guide, here:

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