The Experiment: Japan: Anime & Manga

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Do you do any courses for 19+?

You need to be between 14 and 18.

Hi, Jarell! Applications to this program are accepted on a rolling basis. While we are not selective based on artistic ability, we do require teacher recommendations as part of the application process. Apply early, this is one of our most beloved and popular programs!

Our programs are available during the summer. Please visit to view the dates and availability of all our programs!

A background in art is not required! We welcome students of all skill levels on this program.

Hello! While this program encourages prior experience, those who don't know Japanese won’t have to worry, based on my experience during this program. Immersing yourself in the culture and being exposed to the language on a daily basis is one of the most effective and fastest ways of learning a language. The program focuses on taking Japanese courses, depending on your level, for a week out of the...