SPI High School Spanish Immersion & Cultural Leadership in Spain

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Each SPI program has an interactive language course component taught by certified native speakers that hold advanced degrees in teaching foreign students. Students are broken up by skill level (beginner through AP/IB) and classes are held 3-4 hours per day. The language courses focus on developing communication skills by simulating real-life situations through interactive class activities that...

Even if you know Spanish, there is so much more to gain from studying abroad. For example, you can experience a new culture, make lifelong friends and connections, and experience new things. Moreover, even if you are fluent, you will definitely learn new words and phrases that are specific to a different country, which can really improve your vocabulary. I would definitely recommend still going...

So I only studied in San Sebastián which means I can only speak to that, but it was an incredible experience. There's always something to do no matter what time of day or night and the food is incredible. There are three different beaches that you can walk or run along all day. I felt very safe the entire time and loved all of the people in the city!

I think it is good for you no matter what. Knowing the language well helps a lot, but if you just know the basics you will still be fine. Not everyone was advanced, yet they still improved a lot. It's a wonderful experience.