If you are OK at speaking Spanish is this good for you?

Posted by Joe Owens 6 years 10 months ago


I was one of the most advanced kids there and I felt the program still helped me. My roommate only knew how to say sports and color terms but she still excelled. The program makes it work for whatever Spanish level you are at.

It is completely fine if you aren't a fluent speaker or even a good speaker. This program is geared towards any student in the grand scheme of things. Going to classes, students take a placement test on their first day, so the classes are specifically geared towards their individual level of study. On my trip with SPI, there were a range of levels exhibited by the students I was with. For instance, my two roommates were both essentially fluent speakers, but then, there were also many students in our group who had only completed one year of Spanish in school. The locals in the area are also very accommodating to students who aren't perfect with their Spanish. They speak slowly and help as much as they can if they can tell a student is struggling.

I think it is good for you no matter what. Knowing the language well helps a lot, but if you just know the basics you will still be fine. Not everyone was advanced, yet they still improved a lot. It's a wonderful experience.