What if you already know Spanish?

Posted by Liz Magana 6 years 4 months ago


I took a look at the pre-requisites for the program and it said that you have to have a year of Spanish minimum before going. I'm sure there will be students of a variety of skill sets, so it would be a great experience for you. Here's the link for more info: https://www.spiabroad.com/spain/san-sebastian-high-school-study-abroad-program/

Even if you already know Spanish, the program is still phenomenal. One of the greatest aspects of the whole experience is the cultural immersion. The colloquial interactions that students get to have throughout the days are often impossible to have in the usual environment students are in at home. Personally, my two roommates that I stayed with while on our trip to San Sebastián were both fluent in Spanish. However, they both noted that their Spanish improved dramatically throughout the course of the 3 weeks. With that being said, I would definitely still recommend this trip even to those who already know Spanish.

Even if you know Spanish, there is so much more to gain from studying abroad. For example, you can experience a new culture, make lifelong friends and connections, and experience new things. Moreover, even if you are fluent, you will definitely learn new words and phrases that are specific to a different country, which can really improve your vocabulary. I would definitely recommend still going abroad! It is an incredible experience that you won't regret.