KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program in Tokyo, Japan

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Hey David! KCP can get you connected to a dormitory or homestay to live while you study. Additionally, the staff is awesome about helping students with both school and life navigating living in Tokyo.

All class instruction is in Japanese, but supplementary instruction may take place partly in English if needed.

Based on the eligibility page of their website, the only requirements are that you have to be at least 18 years old, you must be prepared to spend 3-6 hours to study outside of each class, and you must have completed high school.

Hi Nathan, KCP (strongly) encourages you to learn the beginning 2 syllabaries, hiragana & katakana, before you attend, but they have a Level One class for beginners. They still go over hiragana & katakana in Level One, but it's only for the first few days, so either you study it ahead of time or you do lots of memorization that first week. If you're curious, the textbook we used when I attended...