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Yes, I recommend this program


This was a great program with passionated and kind instructors, passionated manager, great diversity of dive sites presenting a nice gradient level. From easy shallow reef in front of the dive resort, to easy dirft walls, deep dives but also challenging current dives. Sharks, rays or turtles and beautiful underwater sceneries were always present! So, after these days if you let the relax and easy lifestyle of BluePlanet Dive Resort get into you, you'll find yourself bubbling in front of the sunset everyday with a nice drink in your hand and your head full of sweet memories. What a feeling!
Special thanks to all the team, I had a thriilll, BISOUS from France <3 !

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Yes, I recommend this program

IOP Family ! This is the way

I’m 41 years old traveler, I’ve seen a lot but being with IOP for more than 3 months was one of my best experience of my life.

I’ve been trained to be a divemaster, what I am now, from Zero. The scuba diving courses were very professional and safe.

The marine conservation part is awesome, we learn so much and practice as much. I’ve been teached on different topics as sharks, dolphins, Mola 🤙, fish families, mantas…

What is awesome is that everyday you have something to do and someone is telling you what to do hahaha

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Yes, I recommend this program

What a great experience!!

I've spent 12 wonderful weeks in the marvelous Nusa Penida with Indo Ocean and my expectations have been highly exceeded!

This was my third internship in the marine conservation field and it has been no doubt the best by miles. The diving is amazing, I've lost the count of mantas and turtles I've seen after the first week! In the 12 weeks you'll dive so much that you'll end up being addicted to It; you'll meet so many great people and learn a lot. It doesn't matter if you have a background in science or not, you will manage to learn a lot anyway and actively contribuite to all the scientific projects.
The most amazing part Is the staff, it's a group of really passionate, professional, extremely organized, awesome people ! Thanks to them the project is truly special, the activities and workshop they organize are incredible! If you have a bit of interest in the marine world they will boost It, they will show you the threats it Is facing and will always show different solutions to face the threats in the best possible way.
I highly reccomend this program to everyone.I think it can defintely be a big first step to a great life spent admiring and protecting nature, and at the same time simply a great way to spend some months!!
See you soon,

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Yes, I recommend this program

What an absolute incredible and unforgettable time!

Trying to put my experience with IOP into words seems quite impossible, as no words can truly describe what an awesome time I had here!

For the past few years I have been talking about how much I wanted to get involved in marine conservation, watching all the documentaries I could get my hands on and just imagining how amazing it would be to actually be part of it… and then suddenly I came across a social media post from Indo Ocean Project. It was exactly what I was looking for, and I applied without hesitation.

As I already started doing my divemaster in 2019 at a difference place, I knew a little bit what to expect, but arriving here and starting the program I quickly realised that this was so much more than just a divemaster! So at the end, I was quite happy that I didn’t finish my divemaster in 2019 and could do it here.

My days were packed with so many activities, it was never boring. Apart from the regular divemaster training, we were having lots of interesting ecology workshops about Manta rays, turtles, Molas, sharks, corals and more. I got to learn so much from the incredibly knowledgable IOP staff! Apart from the workshops, we were doing awesome conservation stuff like dropping BRUVs, planting mangroves, conducting survey dives and coral restoration. I feel like a real conservationist now 🤓

And of course, there couldn’t be a better location then Nusa Penida! It’s such a beautiful place with the friendliest people. The dive sites are full of life, and it’s been indescribable seeing creatures like dolphins and Molas for the first time ever. The moments I shared with my fellow interns will stay with me forever!

I feel like my review sounds like a paid ad, so I guess I’m gonna stop here. All I wanted to say is that I would recommend this program to absolutely everyone who is interested in ocean conservation. You gain so much here - knowledge, experience, friends, advice, mentors, role models, inspiration and so much more. Just apply and see for yourself!

And of course, a big thank you to Lauren, Serena, Michaela and Pascal for running such an amazing initiative and sharing your passion with the world. I could’ve wished for better mentors during my time here. And not to forget the two most awesome dive guides Romy and Arya.

I wish I could do it all over again!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best experience, in the best place, with the best people

Wow, what can I say? I have honestly had the time of my life with Indo Ocean Project and I never want to leave!

Firstly, Penida is a beautiful place and I am so grateful that I got to live here for 10 weeks. But more than that, the people I have met, the things I have done, and the course itself have been indescribable (although I will of course try to describe it here..!)

I came to IOP as an Advanced Diver and completed my Rescue Diver and Divemaster program with them. The level of professionalism, organisation, and dedication of the staff is parallel to none - they even stayed open during the COVID-19 pandemic and made sure that all the interns were up-to-date on restrictions and guidelines, and the transition of coming from Ireland to Jakarta, then Bali, and then Penida, was seamless. The team are wonderful, warm, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and incredible divers and I am so lucky that I was able to look up to them as my role models.

The program is designed so that you get all of the necessary parts of a Divemaster program (either SSI or PADI) but also so so much more. The training you get is above and beyond other programs, and then you have research diving on top of that - making your diving experience even more enjoyable and worthwhile. We learn about sharks, molas, mantas, nudibranchs and more, while also getting the chance to see these beautiful creatures in real life and also helping to conserve and protect them. This can be through survey dives, BRUV drops, diving against debris... the list goes on!

I could not recommend this program more... if you are hesitating about applying, take this as your sign... Just do it!! You will have the best time and hopefully become an amazing diver and research diver, ready to venture into the world of professional diving! Thank you so much to my beautiful Penida and IOP family for making this such an outstanding experience <3

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Yes, I recommend this program

What an experience! This the way to become a Divemaster and Research Diver!

With my longtime lifegoal of becoming a Divemaster and a professional diver, me and my friend found the Indo Ocean Project wich persuaded us from the beginning to the end!
The combination of becoming not only a DM but also a Research Diver and learning from very experienced divers and marine conservationists is a one in a lifetime chance! It immediatly stood out from the other Programs.

Since the application Process the Staff of the Indo Ocean Project have been helpful and professional. Even with Covid-19 around the hole application process aswell the visa process went smooth and easy.

After arriving finally in Paradise on this amazing Island, the Indo Ocean Project makes you feel at home from the very first minute. Not only are the People that work there nice and welcoming, also you can see the passion and joy in every Intern and worker of the Project.

But don't get me wrong, this is no playground to come and make a nice holiday. Once arrived you immediatly get out there and start learning, working and mostly diving a lot. It is hard work wich pays off by good education/teaching from the dive professionals and the marine biologist involved in the Project. Mostly there are 6 days weeks and each day is filled with diving, marine science work and workshops to get the most out of it.

It was so impressive to see what this group is creating and doing to conserving Indonesia’s marine environment and to become a part of it daily was just the best decision i made. We learned so much and contributed a lot towards there work. Once getting started you immediatly go out and do hands on practices during your dives and on land. From BRUV's to Survey Dives, Mangrove plantations or Coral Restorations, you get all of it. Also do the highly skilled Teachers make sure you improve your diving skills daily and mostly even end up already on Instructor Level.

What more can I say.. Well did I mention you dive most of the time daily with Manta Rays and Turtles, get to see Mola's, Sharks or even Dolphins, finding some crazy Octopus or Moray eels or go on a Macro Dive for some Pikachu Nudi's!!!

Believe me you get it all there and you will love it!
I started to love it that much that I ended up diving even on my day off's if every day!

Thanks a lot for this experience Indo Ocean! I will definetly be back for some conservation Work.

And you people out there, don't think twice, do it!

  • Marine Conservation work, learning from the best
  • Becoming a highly skilled Diver, even ending up on Instructor Level if you give it all
  • Diving daily with Mantas, Molas, Turtles, Dolphins.. what more do you want?
  • No cons at all!
  • Only cons i probably experiences was getting an ear infection and missing out on dives!
  • Or felling off my Scooter and missing out on Dives!
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best decision you will ever make - Choosing Indo Ocean Project for your Dive Master - Nusa Penida <3

After doing quite a bit of research into dive masters, the Indo Ocean project immediately stood out to me due to its focus on conservation. Not only do you get to become a divemaster, you also get a wealth of conservation experience including taking part in many workshops on marine species ecology for example Mantas, Molas, Shark and turtles, including practical coral restoration and surveys dives. What's really exciting about this project is that you actually get to contribute to science and you know the data you collect is really going somewhere and being used.
The training for both the divemaster and the conservation workshops / practicals were outstanding. The people that run the course and everyone supports the project have the utmost commitment to the programme and the people on it. They will go out of their way to ensure you are looked after and will make sure you get the most out of the course. So much so that you feel like one big family by the time you leave….making it very difficult to say goodbye!
Choosing to leave my corporate job in London and do my divemaster at the Indo Ocean project is the best decision I’ve ever made. It's without a doubt the best experience of my life and I would urge anyone who’s considering it to just book that place and join them. The project will certainly not disappoint!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
On every boat dive the interns are treated with a 'bungkus' a local food take away wrapped in paper in a distinctive pyramid shape. It full of delicious veggies, fried things and sweet sweet coconut shavings. Apart from the diving and the lovely people its defintiely the thing I will miss most about the programme...I'd wake up looking forward to my daily delicous bungkus!
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Yes, I recommend this program

The only way to do it if you want to dive...

I had a strong intention to pursue diving to its fullest and the decision of becoming a DM brought an enormous variety of options for education. IOP won this battle very quickly through their passion for conservation, introductions to Marine Biology and quite frankly; their attitude towards diving itself. I feel blessed to have learnt from these extraordinarily capable divers and make the connections i already know will last a lifetime.

This is a program where you work hard. They are not here to churn out DM's, you are expected to give your all because they give their all and it comes with an insanely detailed/comprehensive introduction to the various worlds in which are available to pursue after the program on top of your DM education, so beware...if you are a "lazy diver" this is not for you. This is Real Deal. It is taught with passion and fantastic ethic.

After that it comes to days on end of diving in a very special place, any question, pursuit of further knowledge or query answered, an insane achievement of managing everybody's expectation/demands/desire and skill level's at the same time and all of it no matter what resulting in the best dive's possible...this was truly a monumental way to transition from a dive enthusiast to a dive professional and even after graduating they're still helping me in every pursuit. I have built the utmost respect and love for these professionals and would recommend them to anyone pursuing the fields they are promoting.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Witnessing an equipment failure in a strong current during a fun dive on a day off outside the program and through my knowledge and experience (thanks to the program!) reacting in the right way, seeing the entire dive group handle the situation like trained professionals and make sure that nothing went wrong. Pure living proof they have done a fantastic job. Quite literally yet unintentionally having their training put to the test in a real life scenario!
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Yes, I recommend this program

From a marine biologist student to a scientific diver

I started my experience with Indo-Ocean Project in 2020. I was able to spend with them just two weeks before Indonesia was closed due to the pandemic. It took two years of rescheduling before being able to fly to Indonesia again.
In those two years the staff of Indo-Ocean Project has been incredible supportive and willing to any change in the starting date.
Once back to Indonesia the waiting was definitely worth it! I loved the way the program is organised between diving and workshops. I still can't believe how much I have learnt in just three months. I grew both as a diver and as a marine biologist, I meet incredible people, time passed way too fast!

What was your funniest moment?
The funniest moment was definitely when I used the lift bag during the BRUV!
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Yes, I recommend this program

best program

Having signed up for the program in 2019, I finally made it to IOP in 2021 (thank you Covid) ... but the program was worth the long wait.
Whether you just want to be a better diver or move on to instructor level, this is the program you have been looking for. IOP goes above and beyond the standard and if necessary will customize the program to your needs. The IOP staff are not only very knowledgeable when it comes to diving and Marine Conservation, but were also incredibly supportive whenever I struggled. Be ready to meet some awesome and inspiring people among the staff and your fellow interns. We all came from different backgrounds, but bonded over our shared interest for diving and conservation. I gained a huge amount of diving experience in sometimes challenging conditions, learned a lot about marine life and also a lot about myself. Thank you to everyone at IOP, this was an amazing experience!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Enjoy every minute and get involved as much as possible. No matter how long you stay it’ll be over way too soon!