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BridgeAbroad offers students a first-rate opportunity to improve their Spanish language proficiency in Buenos Aires, Argentina! This combination cultural immersion and intensive Spanish language program provides a crash course for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level speakers alike, as well as ample opportunities to practice with native Spanish speakers.

Classes are taught entirely in Spanish for 20 hours each week, forcing students to not only study the language, but to think and react using it as well. Though only a 4-week program, students will be surprised at how quickly the constant exposure method works to improve their language skills.

Our experience at BridgeArgentina was absolutely positive. The dynamics of the classes, the fact that the groups were small and that the teachers rotated, the focus on making sure the students were speaking all the time and having them participate in different activities both in and out of the classroom. The students learned a lot and were very happy with the teachers and the administrative staff as well.
- Claudia Sokol

Meet Diana Schiro, BridgeAbroad University Partner

GO: How does studying in Argentina compare to studying in other Spanish speaking countries?

Diana: Argentina is a very friendly country where foreign students will always be welcome. The Spanish language spoken in Argentina is understood everywhere and they say the accent is most attractive.

GO: What extra-curricular activities do students enjoy while studying in Argentina?

Diana: Argentina offers a large variety of excursions around town and in the country. Some of them are not extracurricular because they are field trips connected with course contents. Some other extra curricular activities maybe a day at the Estancia, Day at Tigre, Museums, Handicrafts fairs, etc. Along and across the country, students may enjoy trips to the mountains, the rain forest and Iguazú falls, the seaside, whale, and penguins watching in Patagonia, hotsprings, wineries in Mendoza, etc.

GO: What can you tell us about the teacher-student dynamic in Argentina?

Diana: There are up to 15 students per class (usually less), and lessons are interactive, delivered by highly experience native teachers. Student proficiency is determined by a compulsory placement test. Filed trips connected with language and culture are also offered for a complete and enriching experience.

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  • Housing 7.5
  • Safety 9.5
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great program

I found the program to be very useful for what I was trying to achieve. The professors were great, the staff was wonderfully helpful, and you can't beat the location.

I did not use the housing option, so I can't comment on how that worked.

to finish up, I could not have asked for more from the bridge staff there, they were helpful, friendly, accommodating, and efficient.

How can this program be improved?
In terms of constructive criticism, I think that at the beginning of whatever amount of time you are going to spend with bridge, it would help to sit down with staff/professors to go over what it is that you want to accomplish over the period of time. there were afternoons/mornings where I was not sure how what we were doing fit into an overall strategy for me specifically. I think had I had a conversation about "what do you want to get out of these four weeks" perhaps it could have been tailored with a bit more sense of purpose. and it was clear that my two professors did not coordinate what I was working on, as they kept asking me what I had done with the other (which also didn't inspire confidence that they had a plan).

i got the most value out of the random conversations about life and culture with the professors and the daily reading of the newspaper than I did from the books/materials, they were poorly structured and were kind of frustrating because they were not coordinated (they all seemed to take a different approach to instruction) and some of them were clearly designed for a large class when I was just a class of one.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great experience in Buenos Aires!

I took private Spanish classes at BridgeArgentina in Buenos Aires for a couple of weeks back in May 2012. My teacher's name was Jonathan and I would recommend him to anyone; he was fun, knowledgable, and experienced. He was able to tailor the content to my specific interests and goals. 2 weeks really isn't enough to pick up a lot of the language but if you commit to speaking nothing but Spanish during your visit in Argentina, you'll definitely see some improvement.

I also stayed with a host family. They were warm and friendly, invited me to family dinners, and helped me figure out what to do in my free time. They were one of the best parts of my trip! The neighborhood where they lived wasn't the nicest or safest part of Buenos Aires but I personally never felt threatened or at risk.

There is a lot to see and do in Buenos Aires; you'll never be bored. I would frequently leave the host family house, pick a direction, and start walking. You really can't go wrong. I'd find coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, bookstores, etc... practically anywhere. The tourist destinations, like La Boca, are pretty touristy but still a lot of fun!

I'd highly recommend BridgeArgentina to anyone interested in visiting Buenos Aires and learning Spanish during their stay.

Yes, I recommend this program

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