IES Abroad Buenos Aires - Advanced Spanish Immersion
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IES Abroad Buenos Aires - Advanced Spanish Immersion

Live and study in Buenos Aires! Specially designed for students with advanced Spanish language proficiency, our program allows you to build your language skills and cultural literacy as you immerse yourself in the culture of Argentina. Perfect your Spanish skills and make new friends while chatting with local Argentine students. Land an internship and gain real-life experience in your field of study. Welcome to study abroad!

In addition to advanced language study at the IES Abroad Buenos Aires Center, you will choose courses from a variety of Spanish-taught IES Abroad courses focusing on areas such as Literature, Latin American Studies, Political Science, the Arts, and International Economics. You are also required to take at least one course at one of IES Abroad’s prestigious partner universities.

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ann marie

Buenos Aires semester abroad

IES has a great set up in Buenos Aires and a very well located center and convenient homestays. the staff are very supportive and helpful and one of the best parts of the program. The course listing on the IES Abroad website did not match the actual course offerings, and there weren't many available courses, but generally not very many students do this program so it doesn't make sense to have a ton of courses. I heard the mismatch of offerings is the fault of chicago not buenos aires.

How can this program be improved?

by improving partner university coordination

Yes, I recommend
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Left a piece of my heart in Buenos Aires

Nothing can replace the experience you have and the life you live while studying abroad. IES does a fabulous job of: connecting argentine culture to every single one of your classes, offering trips to see Argentina from a variety of lenses, sending you events going on every week and weekend in the city, making sure you're safe and comfortable, and for me, providing the most wonderful host family.
I lived with one woman, and her lovely, old perro. She was such a sweet and caring, yet chill and funny woman, and something I can't thank her enough for is opening her arms to make me a part of her family. I would go over her kids' houses for dinner and lunch and her grandkids quickly became my hermanitos. The way I was able to dive in and be so up close and personal to the Argentine life, and find my own personal way to connect to their values, was irreplaceable. My second family, as well as my friends I became close with (other U.S. students through IES and students from Spain, Italy, Germany, and France through an international students trip) we're the hardest part about leaving this beautiful country. I also made friends in Argentina just from going out into the amazing night life, as well as from joining a fútbol league with the coolest girls. Every Saturday they would drive me an hour away with them to go play, and after to enjoy the sun, grab a mouthwatering sandwich from la parilla, and jam to the live DJ.
My exposure to the language made my confidence in speaking Spanish skyrocket and made everywhere I went a mind-boggling adventure. It was my first time away from home for that long of a time-period, and of course I missed my crazy family and hilarious friends, but the explosion of your mind opening and expanding more than you could ever imagine, makes it all worth it. P.S. the vino tinto, choripan, and dulce de leche make it all worth it too ;)

Yes, I recommend

Becoming an honorary porteño

I went to Argentina with the goal of improving my language skills and earning credit towards my Spanish major, as well as having the experience of living, not just vacationing, in a foreign country. After doing this program, I can honestly say that I improved my Spanish skills a considerable amount, and feel comfortable speaking with whomever, native speaker or not. I earned credits toward majors at home, became fully proficient (CELU exam certified), made tons of friends, and had a great cultural experience. I feel like I integrated pretty well — IES staff helped expose us to as much as possible, and I learned a lot from Argentine friends I met in class and while going out. Everyone was very welcoming. Make sure to surround yourself with native friends and don't use English! I learned about the history of the country, how to use porteño accent & slang, how to prepare the traditional drink "mate", spoke about the current political situation, and read Argentine literature. I feel like Buenos Aires is another home for me, and the locals and IES helped make that possible.

How can this program be improved?

Honestly, the major complaints I have are about the organization of the local university I took classes at U.C.A. (I did 2 at IES Abroad center and 2 at the Universidad Católica Argentina). IES has no way to change how they do things, so you just gotta roll with it.

Yes, I recommend
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a worthwhile challenge

Before studying abroad, you have no idea what you're about to have. I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 5 months, and it was nothing as I had anticipated. My goal was to improve my Spanish communication skills. I succeeded in that goal, but I also accomplished goals I didnt even know I had as a result of the culture contrast between there and the U.S. Overall, I was not academically challenged. I was thankful for the required grammar class because we reviewed and learned grammatical structures, conjugations, etc., through lecture/test taking and oral presentations. I took one other class I found worthwhile and it was a writing class. I had a phenomenal professor who was funny, engaging, respectful, informative, efficient, etc., all the good things about a professor. He would make time to correct our writing assignments outside of class that weren't for his class, for example. One of the professors, for whom I was not a student, took it upon herself to show me a conservatory in La Plata (upon learning I was a music student back home). This program offers the opportunity to meet compelling and compassionate people, and for that I recommend it. I was slightly disappointed with the lack of academic rigor, although peer students disagreed with me on the difficulty. I made peace with this when I had time to explore more of the city and spend more time outside of the classroom, which is what I really needed to gain confidence as a Spanish speaker. Learning outside of the classroom is the essence of studying abroad, and I was thankful for the flexibility of my schedule to be able to do that.

How can this program be improved?

More academically integrity. With some of my classes, the standards were low. I wouldn't request more coursework, but that my time be spent more efficiently.

Yes, I recommend
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A wonderful experience

Studying abroad in Buenos Aires through IES Abroad was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the culture and history of Argentina and about myself. I have a better understanding of what my interests are and what I value. I feel more confident and adventurous after spending time traveling and living in Argentina. IES Abroad’s staff was very helpful and supportive. The courses I took through IES were interesting and appropriately rigorous, though they were easier than most of my classes at Rice. My abilities reading and writing in Spanish improved greatly because of my classes, and my speaking abilities improved from speaking with locals everyday. I feel like I quickly integrated into Argentine culture, but I thought it was somewhat challenging to develop friendships with locals. Buenos Aires is an amazing city, and it’s full of fun things to do and experience. I am very happy I chose to study abroad there. Studying abroad can be challenging at times, but it was a really positive experience overall.

How can this program be improved?

The program administration could be a little more organized, but the staff was very supportive and helpful. Some of the orientation programming in the first week of the program could be improved upon because some of the workshops did not seem to be very useful.

Yes, I recommend
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Buenos Aires, 2013

The semester that I spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina was by far the most memorable and valuable experience I have ever had.

I lived in Argentina from July to December of 2013 with an Argentine host family who were spectacular. Along with my host family I was assisted by IES with getting accustomed to the city and learning how to be successful through my language immersion. I was most impressed with the IES orientation that occurred the first two weeks of classes; it allowed for me to thrive in the city of which I was totally unfamiliar with because I am from a very small town.

In addition to my courses I was able to travel through Argentina throughout the semester. My most memorable trip was a 3 week backpacking trip in December throughout Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.

Words cannot describe my experience in Argentina nor could an essay. It was the best time of my life and I owe a lot of that to the organizers of my program.

Yes, I recommend
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The Argentina Experience

Living and studying in Buenos Aires was an unforgettable experience, and I often find myself day dreaming of the day when I can return. A normal week day consisted of class, good dinner conversation with my host family, and often an evening activity like choir or basketball (which I would highly recommend getting involved in; the more things you participate in the more you begin to feel like you belong, and the more opportunities to practice the language). The weekends, sometimes starting Thursday nights, consisted of strolls through the many markets and neighborhoods during the day (again I would recommend taking advantage of everyday to go explore a new place, take a bus or train to a stop you've never gone and get off, most everywhere is safe during the day), and at nights a nice dinner followed by a trip to one of the many pubs or boliches that the vast nightlife offers. To any person who is open to new and different experiences and willing to adapt and learn in a foreign place, Buenos Aires is a great South American city with a European flavor that makes it distinct and a true metropolis.

How can this program be improved?

A little less orientation

Yes, I recommend
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A Unique Metropolis

Buenos Aires is an incredible city to study abroad in. It has such a vibrant and intriguing history, blended with a very fresh and unique culture. It is a huge metropolis, with a variety of barrios that each have their own feel. IES has a great program that really orients their students to the culture and city. They offer wonderful activities and an array of pertinent and fun courses. The staff was very helpful and followed through on student concerns, based on personal relationships.

How can this program be improved?

I think it would be helpful to place more students in the barrio Palermo. I understand this depends on the host families, but Palermo had a better feel than the typical barrios closer to the school center.

Yes, I recommend
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Study Abroad Buenos Aires 2011

I started learning Spanish in Kindergarten and ever since I have had the desire to learn Spanish. Not only was it something I was good at, but I enjoyed being able to communicate with people from all over the world. I have had the opportunity to intern at a hospital interpreting for Spanish speaking patients and use my language skills in almost every other job I have ever had. Spanish language skills are definitely useful, especially nowadays where Spanish is widely spoken throughout the USA.

Although I cannot speak for ALL of Latin America, I have traveled extensively and have come to the conclusion that no matter where you study abroad, it will be worth it. It does not matter if it is in Costa Rica, Argentina, or Ecuador - you will NOT regret it! As far as Argentina goes, I have really enjoyed being here so far simply because I feel like I am both in "Latin America" and Europe at the same time. The architecture and cafes tend to have a European influence and sometimes I feel like I’m at a Parisian or Spanish café. On the other hand, Argentina definitely still has the Latin 'flavor' which is displayed in its food, dancing, music, and overall way of interacting with people (they are very friendly here and what I would consider an 'open society').

The best thing about being in Argentina besides everything that comes with the experience of studying abroad is the FOOD! I know that sounds cliché, but really—a month can pass by without going to the same restaurant twice. I consistently find great restaurants at great prices that serve AMAZING food. Argentina is known for its meat for good reason – it’s delicious and cheap compared to the prices of meat in the US. Even if you are a vegetarian, there are a TON of options and grocery stores are pretty much the same as in the US (give or take).

My advice to any student thinking or considering of studying abroad is: just do it! Stop procrastinating and get the information you need! You have to make it happen. With a little effort I was able to study abroad 3 different times in 3 different countries. I have met people that have forever changed my life and changed the way I see the world and what goes on. I have not met anyone that regrets their time abroad. There is something out there for everyone, so take a chance and get out and see things that you never thought you would! Buena suerte! [good luck!]

Yes, I recommend
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Wine and steak

Spending a semester in Argentina was the stereotypical life-changing study abroad experience everyone talks about. IES was a great and supportive program, and though they were willing to help you when you needed it they weren't breathing down your neck all the time. Part of that may have been because they program was a bit larger (about 100 students) so you were really free to make your own friends and choose your own experiences. They offered some program trips and excursions but you could still decide most of your own weekend travel. I actually spoke no Spanish before heading to Argentina and ended up in the intermediate program, where I learned so much I would say I am very comfortably holding my own in a conversation now. Part of that was certainly my own choices to make Argentine friends and only speak Spanish with my host mother. That was another hugely helpful part of the program and my homestay was absolutely wonderful. Classes were classes, and there were definitely times when spending time in the classroom felt silly because you were in Buenos Aires, but I had great professors all around. I took an Argentine history course which everyone should take (you are living in this country, so you should understand what has happened in the last 100 years), a literature course on drugs and violence (awesome), and two Spanish courses. Both of my academic courses were in English, and only with other IES students, but I also know students who took IES courses in Spanish and/or directly enrolled. The social scene was unbelievable and nights were generally late, so expect to live on a different sleep cycle. I joined a gym and went to yoga classes and a lot of the people I met through those activities became my good friends. Going to dinner at 11 pm and then heading out for dancing until 3 or 4 am was generally a reasonable weekend night!

Yes, I recommend

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