Fudan University Non-Degree Programs in China

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Study broad at Fudan University in Shanghai!
Study broad at Fudan University in Shanghai!


Fudan University invites foreign students to come study abroad in Shanghai, China! A variety of non-degree programs are available for potential students to consider. Options that run for a semester to 2 years include the Chinese Language Program, General Advanced Program, and the Senior Advanced Program. The Advanced Programs allow students to study alongside Chinese students in any major offered at the university. General denotes undergraduate studies, where Advanced denotes graduate level courses.

A Research Scholar Program is available in any major offered at Fudan University for those who would like to cooperate with or work directly under a Fudan University professor. The research program is open year round, and applications should be submitted two months before the intended start date.

Short-Term Programs are also available in either an individual or group setting. Topics focus on Chinese language, history, culture, economy and more.

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