Peacebuilding in Colombia Academic Summer Program

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Apply now to take part in this prestigious program and explore the contemporary history of this fascinating country. 'Armed Conflict, Peace Processes and the challenges of Peacebuilding in Colombia' will be delivered by the Political Science department at Colombia's top university, Universidad de los Andes, in Bogota.

The course is open to undergraduate students from a range of arts and humanities subjects, and has three modules:

1. History of the Colombian Armed Conflict: from the 1960s to today
2. Peace negotiations in Colombia
3. Building a lasting Peace

The program also includes practical and sociocultural activities, such as site visits to cultural, governmental and educational organizations in Colombia, and additional social activities.

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Amazing, fun and intellectually stimulating experience

This course has taught me so much about peacebuilding, Colombian history, international law and major philosophical debates. Of course, it has been intensive but totally rewarding. The quality of teaching is excellent and the staff are all really nice and friendly. I'd encourage anyone to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit institutions such as Congress, United Nations, while also being able to speak with them. Also, as I don't speak Spanish I was concerned that it could impact on my time here, but it was absolutely fine - I had no problems whatsoever; the course is in English, there are translators, and many Colombians can speak English too.

However, Red Tree Study is what makes this experience so amazing. They have made sure we have had the best time in Colombia, and not only on an academic level. So many social activities were organised, such as the Ciclovia, graffiti tour, salt cathedral and waterfall hiking. We also went out for dinners and drinks many times and thats what made this 3 week program so social and fun. The best memory would be when we went to a bar and watched Colombia play Peru at football. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, and it made me realise how fun Bogota really is.

So if you're considering taking this course, I totally encourage you to take this opportunity. Colombia is amazing, and this course will enrich you with its culture!

Yes, I recommend
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Excellent program!

A really excellent program! I came here knowing absolutely nothing about the Colombian conflict but I've learnt so much in the past three weeks. The course schedule is jam packed with classes and field visits. Professors assumed no prior knowledge so everything was explained in detail, very informal classes, most more of a discussion than a lecture.
The course was arranged to be classes in the morning and field visits in the afternoon. Field visits included the Communications Team of the President, UNDP, the Victims' Centre and International Centre for Transitional Justice, all of which expanded our knowledge of the peace process. One particular field visit which stood out was the visit to the UNDP project in Soacha, where we got to see firsthand the work that the UN is doing in the country.

A knowledge of Spanish could prove very useful, however not essential since there is always someone around to translate during field visits etc. I speak no Spanish and have managed quite well.

I've made some really great friends here. The number of students on the course is relatively small so everyone gets the chance to bond with the whole group.

The social activities are extremely fun, knowing exactly what to do and where to go. Social activities included tejo, a traditional Colombian sport, a party bus and a hike to Colombia's tallest waterfall. The Red Tree Study team are organised and very helpful.

Overall an excellent program and Bogota is an amazing city to do this. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Yes, I recommend

Great Opportunity

It was a really fun experience. I got to make new friends and explore Bogota for the first time. The lectures where great, especially for someone coming in with very little prior knowledge on Colombia or the armed conflict.
Have a basic knowledge of the Spanish, being that it is a Spanish speaking country and very few outside the university speak English. If you are going out without staff it will make the trip much smoother.
Overall it was a fun experience that I will always remember and learned so much in such an important time in Colombian history.

How can this program be improved?
More Spanish speaking staff for those who are not fluent
Yes, I recommend


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