El Nomad: Study Abroad in Ecuador
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El Nomad: Study Abroad in Ecuador

Study Abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador and embark on a culturally exhilarating and inspiring journey.

Study with locals at the Universidad de Cuenca, be welcomed into a new family in one of our hand-picked homestays, and have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through our immersive internship programs. Our small-size, local connections, and flexibility allow for your program dates, duration, and features to be customized to fit your needs. Around the clock on-site support is provided at every step of your adventure. Guided cultural events and activities will be available on a regular basis, presenting you with numerous chances to immerse yourself in Cuenca's history and Ecuadorian culture.

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El Nomad prides itself on providing affordable abroad experiences and outstanding support and services on its programs. Our study Abroad programs have numerous benefits, including the following:

* Transportation from Guayaquil or Quito to Cuenca upon arrival and prior to departure (either flight or van, depending on where you fly in to)
* Night in hostel in Guayaquil or Quito upon arrival and prior to departure (if needed)
* On-site orientation with city tour and welcome meal
* Homestay with local family and 3 meals per day for duration of program
* Professional internship or volunteer placement in area of choice
* iNext Comprehensive Accident and Sickness Insurance (includes emergency medical coverage along with travel insurance)
* Placement and classes at the Universidad de Cuenca
* TANDEM Program--academic and social events with Spanish speaking students (opportunities for additional Spanish language practice)
* Prepaid bus pass with up to 14 rides per week for duration of program, depending on program.
* A cell phone rental with $5 credit to start you out
* Excursions to Cajas National Park and Ingapirca Ruins
* Weekly cultural activities through the El Nomad Center (such as cooking classes, dance classes, professional development, etc.)

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Program Reviews (4)

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23 years old
Central Michigan University

Semester Below the Equator


My time with El Nomad is something that I will never forget. The support that I received was more than I imagined it could be - by the end of my semester, I felt like I was a true member of the family!
I also participated in several excursions which were always mind-blowing with the scenery and immersion into the culture. Plus, my courses at the Universidad de Cuenca were as challenging as those back home and the students were really friendly and open.

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24 years old
North Carolina
Elon University

Daily Life in Cuenca


My days were always jam-packed and I loved that. I was speaking Spanish all day every day except for the last three hours before I went to bed. Weekends were harder since I was here and didn't have much to do. If there were any way to include weekend programs that incorporated language skills, or to recommend places to go, that would be great.

I felt like the university was a bit crazy with schedules. I had no idea when classes would REALLY start and end.

I loved the Foundation. It was hard and the kids difficult at times, but it is 100% what made my Spanish improve the most.

How can this program be improved?

The attention to students by the staff. I understand the program is still growing and expanding, but attention still needs to be paid to all participants, whether groups or individuals.

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24 years old
United States North Carolina
University of North Carolina- Asheville

True Cultural Immersion


Great time at this mom and pop study abroad program. From home-cooked food with the host family, to intimate class experience, to the freedom to adventure and dive into Ecuadorian culture, exploring individual interests with the valuable knowledge and guidance from the El Nomad staff. I had a wonderful time during my two months in Cuenca, Ecuador. There are so many ways one can study through El Nomad. Whether it be an internship, classes, or an awesome and exciting trip, it's always a blast! Love the folk here and the opportunities they are happy to share with students of the world. Best time of my college career, most important trip I've taken. Get out and get in!

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24 years old
Carroll University

Highlight of my college experience!


I had a wonderful experience with El Nomad! During my stay with a local host family I was enrolled in one-on-one Spanish classes with a native speaker at la Universidad de Cuenca. I also participated in a human rights internship with a local organization that provides services and support to adults, children, and families challenged by disabilities. All of these environments provided me with continuous opportunities to improve my Spanish and cultural understanding. It was through these experiences that I was able to make incredible and long-lasting connections with locals and really experience the city. El Nomad also provided me with opportunities to see even more of the country through long weekend excursions to the coast of Ecuador and the Amazon Jungle. It was an absolute blast! The El Nomad staff did a fantastic job of providing support while promoting independence abroad. Every part of this experience was personalized and designed to provide me with the experience abroad that I desired.

Additionally, my time in Ecuador has impacted me beyond stay. I came back more culturally and self-aware. I am also a recent college graduate which has made even more evident the significance of this experience. I have been asked at every one of my interviews about my abroad experience and my spanish-speaking abilities. I have no doubt that the experience El Nomad facilitated has made me stand out as a candidate.

About The Provider


El Nomad is a boutique study abroad company based in Cuenca, Ecuador. Our small size, local knowledge, and flexibility allows us to offer you a much more intimate, personalized experience! All our programs are customizable and fit to your own needs and specifications.

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