Global Veterinary Semester Abroad

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Designed with pre-veterinary students in mind, our courses are small, hands-on, and taught by veterinarians (DVM) and marine science instructors. Spanning the course of three months with 4-week modules in South Africa, Thailand and Ecuador, students will be able to develop their veterinary skills with companion animals, elephants, cheetahs, marine life and various animals of the Amazon rainforest! From the temples of Thailand to the safaris in South Africa to the jungles of the Amazon, join us to experience three beautiful countries and cultures while learning valuable veterinary skills and conservation practices.

  • Assist in wild animal conservation research in South Africa while feeding and caring for cheetahs
  • Get SCUBA certified and learn conservation diving
  • Spend time at an elephant sanctuary, getting the opportunity to learn about and care for the gentle giants
  • Create enrichments for monkeys while also caring for other Amazonian animals
  • Research marine fishes populations in the Galapagos and explore San Cristobal Island

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