University of Evansville Study Abroad at Harlaxton College
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University of Evansville Study Abroad at Harlaxton College

For over forty years, the students and faculty of the University of Evansville have had a second home in the United Kingdom, at Harlaxton College.

Imagine studying in a 100-room Victorian manor house in the rolling English countryside one hour north of London. At Harlaxton College, the British campus of the University of Evansville, you will do just that! And you'll share the manor with a community of committed faculty, supportive staff, and fellow students from UE and our partner colleges. Your family from home may join you for a few days' visit if they are able; you'll also have the opportunity to make new family ties with members of the local community in Grantham who share in the Harlaxton experience each semester.

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24 years old
Dallas, TX
University of Evansville

Great for American students!


This school is as the other review states the British campus of UE. The housing is either in the Manor, a little cramp but beautiful, or the carriage house, slightly bigger rooms but still nice (I stayed in the latter).

Most of the shopping is in nearby Grantham and the school provides shuttling there and back all day, if you happen to miss the shuttle, there's usually a taxi service working with Harlaxton to provide slightly cheaper fares. Grantham has a farmers market every weekend that is very pleasant to walk through. It's only a cheap 2 hour train ride to London.

The surrounding grounds are also beautiful and have a great history, the area served many important uses during WWI as practice trenches and an airfield nearby.

The school does offer trips organized by them for easy less stressful traveling or you can make new friends and strike out on your own. They have a travel office open to everyone to help with making plans.

How can this program be improved?

More chances to engage with the community, or another nearby British college where we meet British students.

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24 years old
Evansville, IN
University of Evansville

Harlaxton College- Live in a Manor


Harlaxton College is a wonderful experience. It is based in an old English manor house that is owned by the University of Evansville as the British campus. Although all the students are from the United States, most of the faculty and staff are native born Brits. A few professors from the feeder schools in the US and their families move over for the duration of the program. Students have the opportunity to live in the manor house and the carriage house.

Students attend classes Monday through Thursday. The classes range from classes they could take at home or classes they could only attend in Great Britain. All the students take the British studies (history) class taught by the British professors. There are evaluated field trips throughout the time that relate to topics learned during this class. Although the academic side can be difficult, the professors are always there to support the students and help them succeed.

The weekends are for the students to travel. Most students tend to travel around Europe. However, you can have plenty of fun simply traveling around England. The faculty and staff are always helpful and have tips for locations of interests, places to visit, and general safety.

The surrounding towns of Harlaxton and Grantham are full of caring people who want to help the students and show them the lifestyle of the english people. The countryside is beautiful and full of life.

How can this program be improved?

I wish the program was open to students from other countries besides schools in the US.

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