Every year, large numbers of students hop the big pond to study abroad in jolly ol' England. As one of the most accessible and well-known countries in the world, it is no wonder that England plays host to such a myriad of students, whose reasons, fields of study, and backgrounds range from artists, history buffs, poets, and everyone in between.

Studying in England is a great match for students embarking on their first international experience - with few language barriers and easily navigable streets, students find getting caught up in the British way of life not only comfortable, but also addicting. We've all seen pictures of the quaint, rolling English countryside, but many students aim to learn what else this prominent country has to offer.

England has no shortage of reputable and high quality colleges and universities. From the vibrant and multicultural circuses of London to the historic cobblestoned streets of Bath to the up-all-night university town of Newcastle, England's diversity offers a suitable fit for every type of student.


The country's capital and most famous city, London is a clear pick for the thousands of students who choose London each year for study abroad. People from all corners of the planet flock here, creating a dynamic melting pot. Dodge skateboarders, ride on a double-decker bus, and stuff your face with Cadbury as you peruse the city’s landmarks - there's no shortage here, with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Tower of London, among countless others!


Nestled in England's northeastern corner and located on the Tyne river, the city of Newcastle is known to have a night life that rivals London. Home to a large population of students and university football fans, Newcastle boasts a great variety of eateries, pubs, sports matches, theaters, night clubs, festivals, and music venues.

Pro tip: be sure to check out the Alnwick Castle (about a 30 minute bus ride away) while you're in Northumberland. A must-see for Harry Potter and/or History aficionados!

Cambridge and Oxford

These words have nearly become synonymous with quality education, and for a taste of England's educational system, these universities will be the most delicious.

Nearly a quarter of the University of Oxford's student population are international students, and the university itself has the unique superlative of being the world's very first university for learners of English. Surrounded by a community of academics who highly value their studies, when you take your nose out of your book, you're faced with a backdrop of beautiful architecture, small shops, and the Thames River.

On the flipside, the University of Cambridge sits an hour east of London, in an area highly concentrated in business ventures. Students, Gothic architecture, the famous view of King's College from across the river, and history all come together to comprise a dynamic and interesting city that houses the second oldest university in the western world.


As England attracts international students from around the world, a great option for cultural integration may be directly in a university dormitory. Other programs may organize and provide housing specifically for program participants, such as Panrimo, who organizes shared apartments for students in downtown London. IFSA's program in Newcastle gives students the option of living in a dormitory or securing their housing independently. Or, you can live in a castle!

If you have to organize housing on your own, BeRoomers and UniPlaces are two websites who list student housing in England.

Immersion and Cultural Activities

Sometimes, programs will throw in a few weekend or week-long activities to sweeten the deal. These excursions can be educational, fun, or both - and if you have the extra money to spend, finding a program that offers such experiences may be a worthwhile investment.

For example, GlobaLinks has partnered with STA Travel to organize a wealth of short-term trips to neighboring countries. If you prefer to travel local, programs like Panrimo's offer customizable excursions, where you can see famous castles or Shakespeare's old stomping grounds.

It is possible to select a program that does not include activities so you can instead organize them independently. If you are self-reliant and motivated to create your own adventure, this type of study abroad experience will be both challenging and fulfilling!

England's use of the pound as its form of currency can make us dollar-holders a little apprehensive to invest in living there. Avoid budget-making headaches or skipped meals to finance fun by applying for the following scholarships:

Study Abroad Programs in England

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IES Abroad
IES Abroad London – Study London
58 reviews21 interviews

The goal of our over 35-year-old program is to help you explore...

University of Brighton
Study Abroad at the University of Brighton, England
58 reviews8 interviews

We offer semester and yearlong program, with the opportunity to take...

CEA Study Abroad
CEA Study Abroad in London, England
19 reviews1 interview

If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan experience filled with art, music...

Oxford Royale Academy
Summer Study Abroad in Oxford, England
101 reviews14 interviews

Our Oxford Summer School is our longest running and most popular study...

England: London - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses
6 reviews3 interviews

Ever wanted to study abroad in London, England? Then check out USAC's...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad London Summer – UK Today
13 reviews2 interviews

The IES Abroad UK Today Program provides you with the opportunity to...

England: Brighton - Undergraduate Courses
12 reviews1 interview

Spend your next study term in England at the University of Brighton...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad London – Theater Studies
7 reviews2 interviews

Engage in Britain’s rich historical and contemporary theatrical...

API Study Abroad in Leeds, England
7 reviews2 interviews

The University of Leeds is located 10 minutes from the city center...

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad
Ultimate Summer in Europe: 10 Cities in 5 Weeks with Forum-Nexus
Multiple Countries
62 reviews4 interviews

Spend a summer in Europe while earning credits toward your degree...

Wroxton College of Fairleigh Dickinson University
Semester at Wroxton College - An American College in England
36 reviews6 interviews

Since 1965, FDU's campus in Oxfordshire, England, Wroxton College, has...

University of Brighton
Summer School at University of Brighton
14 reviews3 interviews

This four week intensive summer program explores the British Education...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad London – Health Practice & Policy
17 reviews1 interview

Don’t just learn about health care in a classroom—immerse yourself...

Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA)
IFSA: University of Oxford Partnership
5 reviews

Study at one of the world's most prestigious universities and dive...

IES Abroad
IES Abroad London Direct Enrollment – University College London
7 reviews2 interviews

This is your chance to live and learn alongside students from the UK...

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A view of the back of the abbey. There are multiple paths on the grounds that are great to explore on a sunny day.

I knew going into college that I wanted to study abroad and specifically study abroad in England. Wroxton College gave me the perfect opportunity to learn in the traditional English way of learning...

High Street at night, as viewed from the tower of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

I had an amazing time at the University of Oxford and would highly recommend the program to anyone looking for an academically rigorous and exciting abroad experience. I grew a lot as a writer because...

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This program is amazing for students looking for a study away opportunity that emphasizes experiential learning in the diverse, cultural hub of London! My classes at the GEO Centre introduced me to...

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