BCA Study Abroad: Chennai, India

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As a BCA student, you have a profound opportunity to connect with locals through your internship with an organization or business in the city. This experience will allow you to form relationships with locals and an appreciation for Indian culture that will last long past your time studying abroad. Outside of your internship, you will engage with Indian students in your classes, cafeteria, on-campus housing, and through campus activities that highlight the vibrant culture, music, theater and sports scene.

BCA’s Resident Director in India acts as your cultural guide as you dive into the cultural hotspots of Chennai and helps you to gain the confidence and knowledge you need to navigate the city on your own. You also travel through India together to better understand the country’s vast historical and cultural diversity. Excursions outside of the city vary by semester but in the past have included the Taj Mahal, the cave sanctuaries at Mahabalipuram or the seaside city of Pondicherry.

  • Study in Southern India – an off-the-beaten track location for study abroad! Learn about the history, culture and food that make Chennai, and Southern India, unique.
  • Stand out by adding an international internship or placement to your resume! Work with a local non-profit or community-based organization, business or research center.
  • Retreat from bustling Chennai, India’s fourth-largest city, by living and studying on the college’s gated and quiet campus. It’s a majestic forest full of trees and wildlife, including bird varieties, geckos, porcupines, toads, and spotted deer.

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Internship Life in Chennai
Yes, I recommend this program

Challenging Fulfillment

India is tough. Period. Especially for those of us who are so used to Western amenities. New experiences await, like using a bucket for taking a shower and doing laundry, coexisting with all sorts of animal friends, and more culinary flare than your Uncle Fieri's spice-rack. Putting aside the lack of municipal garbage disposal and flooding, the streets are fun to explore and highly chaotic for those that love to live in the moment. Public Transportation in Chennai is efficient and very cheap; I used the suburban train almost every day for commuting. Unless your academia is Social Work, a good chunk of your time will be spent exploring Chennai with new friends, all of whom I met were originally from the College (lone student abroad). Anupama Pai, the current director, is also amazing and easy to speak. Just be on time for things (unlike some of us). As long as you are ready for the constant sweating and a nuance of gender norms, BCA Chennai is a terrific program!
Disclaimer: I studied Political Science, that [2] under academia would be an [8] for Social Work.

What would you improve about this program?
I believe more emphasis can be put on exploring the city, because the college is in a suburb, Tambaram, and some students never get to see the urban center as much as they should. Much is left to be desired in attempting to learn the local language, Tamil, especially due to the college's language department and how they operate with foreign students, but this matter is a work in progress.
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