Athena Study Abroad Program at Griffith College in Dublin

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Dublin is the perfect blend of the energy and commodities of a big city with the atmosphere of a small town. With the long cultural history of Ireland you can both walk the streets of James Joyce and visit the site where Braveheart was filmed.

Griffith University is a very reputable private college in Dublin. Griffith is divided into discipline specific schools, so you can be sure that you'll get individual attention based on your needs! Students can take courses in the disciplines of Accounting & Finance, Business, International Hospitality Management, Journalism & Visual Media, and Computer Science. Students live in on-campus student shared apartments, complete with kitchen facilities, keeping you close to class but still close to the heart of Dublin!

While you’re in Dublin, Athena will take you on field trips included in your program price - trips may include Galway, Wicklow, the Cliffs of Moher, Limerick, and Celtic Day Tour!

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  • Housing 9.8
  • Safety 9.8
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International Experience in Dublin

Athena Abroad's Dublin Program offers a unique study experience that allows the student to meet people and experience cultures from all over the world. Staying at Griffith College near Portobello and Rathmines in Dublin, you'll be staying with 3 other people from literally anywhere in the world. That provides a unique classroom experience as well, as discussion based classes really allow you to understand how students are educated differently, and how to look at your own culture in a new light. That's not to say you won't be exposed to enough Irish culture. The Irish experience in Dublin is extremely unique as well. Dublin's culinary map offers a wide range of restaurants from traditional pubs to European-influenced eateries and contemporary gastropubs. The city's nightlife is also a gem, you could spend your night hearing traditional celtic folk in one of Dublin's oldest pubs, or you could dance the night away at a hip club, bar or music venue. And on a beautiful day, there are hundreds of spots to sit and read and enjoy being in this beautiful city. One of the best parts about staying at Griffith College? You'll only be a 30 minute walk from the city center, where nearly every thing touristy you could want to see is easily accessible. And if you feel like staying close to home, there is plenty to do in the small area around Griffith. Another major highlight of the Athena Dublin experience is the opportunity to travel around greater Ireland, as Athena offers about 3-4 field trips included in the program. These will let you see much of the gorgeous island and get to know the people in your study abroad group in a very special way. My experience with every aspect of this study abroad was amazing, yours will be too.

How can this program be improved?
More selection for field trips
Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful Experience!

Studying abroad was the best experience of my life! Athena Abroad helped every step of the way and made the process as painless as possible. Dublin was such a cool city for study abroad! The city is so much fun and the people are great! This program includes three weekend trips which are great for getting to know the people in the program. I would recommend anyone considering studying abroad to check out this program.

How can this program be improved?
The only thing I would change would be the availability to know your classes before the semester begins to make transfer credits a little easier.
Yes, I recommend
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Athena Abroad in Ireland

Ireland could not of been more perfect. It is the best country in the world. From its beautiful scenery, to its bumping nightlife, you can't ask for a better place. If you're think of going abroad, choose Dublin with Athena.

How can this program be improved?
The one thing I would change would be the location of the college that was provided. I wish it was closer to downtown Dublin. It was a bit of a walk and that was the only thing that wasn't fun. The security of my college was also really uptight and you couldn't have people stay over.
Yes, I recommend
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Best experience I could've had

Dublin was a very friendly environment to be in. The locals were always willing to talk and socialize. Griffith was within 20 minutes walking distance of the city centre and only 10 minutes away from some good clubs and entertainment. The college was mostly international students and I met people from all over the world, France, Germany etc. It was a great experience, the only challenge I really had was budgeting my money. Just make sure you keep track of your finances.

How can this program be improved?
I would advise the program to let students know a little more of what the classes and college is like.
Yes, I recommend

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