SIT Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism

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Wes, a friend I met through the program, took this one when we spent a night in the Sahara Desert.
During the village stay, we visited a nearby school and painted a mural on the wall surrounding it.
For the ISPJ period, I lived in Marrakech with Oly (center) and Savin (right), friends who I met through the program.
Study in Rabat, Morocco
Study in Rabat, Morocco
Newsstand in Morocco
Newsstand in Morocco


Advance your skills in journalism by studying under the expert guidance of professional journalists in an international environment. Learn from leading Moroccan scholars and experts in fields ranging from politics to art and culture.

This program provides students with an exciting opportunity to learn foreign reporting under the supervision of veteran journalists. Based in the bustling capital of Rabat, the program creates the flavor of a working newsroom with students engaged in ongoing reporting assignments in their preferred media format — print, video, audio, photography, and/or multimedia. Students learn from leading Moroccan scholars and academics about all aspects of Moroccan society, politics, and culture.

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Yes, I recommend this program

SIT Morocco Journalism

This program is super unique and culturally immersive, and amazing if you're interested in being an international journalist. I walked away with some really great clips. The friends I made on this program, American and Moroccan, are the most special part of this experience. There are some challenging times, especially in the homestay, but that's where I grew the most and having support from my friends was essential. The food is amazing and the medinas are beautiful. It is a semester I still think about every day. The program takes you on two excursions. My favorite was the week village stay. We all stayed with a family in a rural northern village and there was no running water. The people there are incredible and I learned the most in that week.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic opportunity to engage in the culture

Going to Morocco was one of the best decisions I ever made. Every single day was an adventure, and SIT did an amazing job of giving us the tools to live and study in a new country, while also giving us the space to explore and learn on our own. The staff was friendly and helpful, the classes were challenging, and the set-up of the journalism program in particular was well-suited for what I wanted to get out of the program. Being able to pursue my own project in the ISPJ period was invaluable and instilled in me a new confidence in my journalistic ability. I would recommend this program to any aspiring journalists with the desire to practice on-the-ground reporting. I was able to improve my reporting skills, practice a new language and make international connections abroad.

Yes, I recommend this program

Three and a half months of journalism in Morocco

When I first started looking at places to study abroad, I knew I wanted to go somewhere outside of Europe, and I wanted to be able to tie my experience in journalism into it. This program was the perfect fit, and I was beyond thrilled to hear the news that I would be living in Rabat in spring 2016.
This program allows you the opportunity to truly get ingrained in Moroccan culture. You live with a host family for the first two months and attend crash-course lectures that give you raw, genuine perspective of the country you're living in. Then you go out to a city of your choosing for the final five weeks of the program to work on your independent study project. Between those two experiences, I learned so much about the country, but I also learned so much about myself. This unique study abroad experience taught me that it's OK to not understand what's going on in a room where you don't speak the same language as anyone else. Through experiential learning, It stretched me to my academic limits and unveiled my strengths and weaknesses (and how to fix them) as a reporter. After coming back to the States, I've noticed that this experience has taken me out of a comfort zone I didn't even know I was living in, which helped me get a better perspective on life. Morocco definitely changed me, and I know I'll be back there some day.

What would you improve about this program?
The program actually has online classes, which aren't advertised as such on the SIT website. Real, in-person lectures would definitely improve the program. As much as I love all the professors and mentors I've met through the program, better organization would certainly enhance the experience.