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Political and economic problems today transcend international boundaries: Schiller International University’s Bachelor Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy program offers students an international curriculum which encompasses scientific, technological, cultural and humanitarian concerns, as well as the more traditional areas of diplomatic activities.

Schiller International University students initially pursue courses of study in liberal arts, in order to give them a thorough foundation in history, economics, political science, and international relations. In their final two years of study, students will go on to apply their analytical skills to case studies, debates, and on-site visits.

The international relations program equips students with the expertise they need to pursue careers with international organizations, in law, government, business, or journalism, and to move onto graduate programs in political science and international relations if desired.

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Living Abroad

SIU Madrid is truly a unique university. It's located in a vibrant & trendy city, center location. The uniqueness of this university is seen through its educational value. The classroom setting is very personalized, where students & faculty connect at a personal and professional level. I've always been keen to a small educational setting- Schiller is a great example of this personalized educational environment. Not only does SIU value education, but also experience. SIU organizes valuable trips, such as trips to the Zara headquarters, the European Parliament, and local trips around Madrid.

Overall, Madrid and SIU have greatly contributed to my life experience. Madrid is an ideal city for international students; it's vibrant & full of energy. Madrid is always alive, offering many entertainment options. My network of international friends has also expanded thanks to SIU. We have students from around the globe, which truly adds to one's life experience. I couldn't be happier with the friendships I've created, and how I've learned so much about cultures. SIU and Madrid have tremendously influenced my overall educational experience. Madrid is now my home, for I have fallen in love with everything it has to offer. If you are ready to become memorized by this unique university and city I strongly recommend you looking into SIU.

How can this program be improved?
Overall this program is excellent. However, I believe students should have more internship options relating to their major. Another great idea would be creating an alumni network where students and alumni interact. This is crucial for our future since we get first hand advice from those who've paved the way for us.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Life in Madrid

Living abroad gives you experiences that will last you a life time. To move to Madrid is a big step if you are just moving out from mom and dads house but it is worth it. Europe has so much to offer and everything is so close so when you study in one country you have the rest of Europe at your finger tips. Which makes your stay even more adventurous. Madrid is a very safe city with many nice people. The school community is very international and the professors are extremely helpful and supportive.

Yes, I recommend this program


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Schiller International University's unique mission since its creation has been to promote, develop, and encourage international understanding. Schiller International University has educated more than 20,000 students from more than 100 countries...