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Apr 10, 2020
Aug 21, 2013
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Do you dream of the stars? Boldly go where no student has gone before! Join students from all over the quadrant in the rigorous training to become a Starfleet officer!

Study abroad students will take classes at the beautiful campus main Academy Campus, situated just a stone’s throw from the Golden Gate Bridge. Don't miss the opportunity to spend time in this famously prestigious and exclusive institution! Experience the academy that produced notable alumni such as James T Kirk and Geordi La Forge.

And remember: Ex astris, scientia - "From the stars, knowledge."

This program is currently not being promoted on Go Overseas by its provider. Check with Fantasy Programs Abroad for the most up-to-date information regarding the status of this program.

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Why Starfleet?
  • Take courses in Warp Design, Temporal Mechanics, Xenobiology, Interspecies Ethics, Transporter Theory, Klingon Physiology, Intrasystem Peacekeeping, Subspace Geometry, Xenolinguistics, Stellar Cartography, and Creative Writing.
  • Participate in extracurricular such as wrestling, boxing, Pareses squares, our 3-D chess team and precision flying squads (although any student discovered executing banned shuttle maneuvers, such as the Kolvoord Starburst, will be barred from flight and will have their study abroad semester terminated)!
  • Weekend excursions organized to Beta Ursae Minor II and the founding federation planet of Andoria.

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Cecilia Haynes
Yes, I recommend this program

Kirk Fangirl

I'm not going to lie, as soon as I saw one of the many documentaries detailing the heroic exploits of Captain Kirk and Mister Spock, I was mad to get into the academy. I heard about how daunting the class load was and wanted to give a study abroad year a try before committing to anything longer term.

I went in a total fangirl and came out with a life purpose. My time here literally changed the course of where I will head in my future. I am now planning to transfer full-time in order to major as a xenolinguist.

My time in this program was tough. They challenged me in ways I didn't even know were possible. However, there were certain groups that worked hard and partied harder. I had never been to any cross-race mixers before and now I find gatherings of only humans to be quite dull.

Remember to read the fine print for the program before you join. If you find yourself squeamish about near-death experiences, this might not be for you.

What would you improve about this program?
I agree with a previous poster that I wished they had covered more races during our orientation. I wished I had been more well-versed on the foods and customs of the different races that make up our universe.
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Default avatar
Yes, I recommend this program

Reach for the Stars!

I LOVED my semester at the Starfleet academy! Typically, Starfleet cadets have to go through a competitive application process (including exams in stress reaction, spatial orientation, and deductive reasoning and the terrifying psych test that can happen at ANY TIME!). Study abroad applicants don't have to do any of that, although I did have to complete prereqs in astrophysics, differential equations and pass a swim test.

The campus is gorgeous, and right next to Starfleet Headquarters on the SF Presidio.

The Starfleet community is super welcoming and I met friends that I will definitely stay in touch with for years! I was even invited to a typical Klingon meal (You have to try the Gagh-- but be warned, it wiggles on the way down!).

The classes were REALLY hard. If you're looking for party semester, this isn't the program for you. However, there was a lot of support from the instructors and even the staff! Once, after a really difficult exam in xenolinguistics, I was sitting on the grounds when an older gardener named Boothsby came up and started giving me advice on how to get through the academy! He was amazing, and I don't know what I would've done without him.

All in all, I can't say enough good things about the program. Where else can you fly shuttles and study astronomy on study abroad? What are you waiting for!! Go to Starfleet!!

What would you improve about this program?
I would have provided a bit more information on all the different species we would meet during orientation. I had a run in with a Zaldan (a race that believes politeness is just dishonesty), and things got frosty before an instructor stepped in!
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