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Engineering Study Abroad Programs


Engineering is growing as a field of study in colleges around the world as people continue to realize how important, interesting and lucrative this field is. Engineering uses many different areas of knowledge in the construction of machines and devices. Students in engineering are well prepared to put their skills to use in a variety of interesting careers, from building cars, spaceships, and computers to designing environmentally friendly electrical systems.

Few engineering majors in the U.S. decide to study abroad, which makes sense -- an engineering courseload is enough work as it is! However, there are quite a few top-rated engineering programs internationally that would be the perfect place to continue your technical studies, while also having the opportunity to study another language and explore a new country.

Program Types

The exciting part about engineering is that there are several specialty areas you can choose. Here are some of the most popular:

Computer Engineering

Studying in this field will teach you how to work with software or hardware. You'll make sure they both work flawlessly together. Learn how to design new hardware or software, and constantly make them better and faster.

Hardware consists of working with routers, microprocessors, and circuit boards, while software consists of testing and debugging applications and programs on computers. You'll continue to put them through rigorous testing phases until everything works perfectly and is ready for the public.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering involves working in the medical and health field. You'll design the newest concepts for biology and medicine for therapeutic or diagnostic healthcare purposes. This is an exciting field to be in, as the advances in modern technology and healthcare are constantly changing.

Your time will be spent researching, developing, and testing your designs to see how your concepts work. Areas you may work in include imaging equipment such as EEGS, MRIs, micro-implants, pharmaceutical drugs, and regenerative tissue growth.

Mechanical Engineering

The field of mechanical engineering consists of designing, producing, and operating machinery. Material science and physics are widely applied from the start of the design process to the end result of manufacturing and maintaining the machines.

You'll learn thermodynamics, electricity, and kinematics among other subjects to be equipped with the skills you need for this field. Projects you might work on include aircraft, watercraft, heating and cool systems, weapons, and robotics.

Where to Go

There are top-rated engineering programs at many universities throughout the world. Here are some of our top picks:


One important hub of engineering internationally is in England. Many universities in the UK have renowned engineering programs. A perk of studying engineering in England is that all of your classes will be in English -- imagine trying learning about electrical engineering in a foreign language! England is also a great place to study abroad because it's a cultural center and a great location for traveling to other parts of Europe.


Israel has several schools known for their engineering program. These include locations such as Haifa, where the university offers rigorous courses in an incredibly rich and historically interesting setting. You'll have the chance to learn Hebrew and discover a completely different world. Cities like as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are close enough to visit during your weekend breaks.


Several schools in India also have great engineering departments. The country is actually the largest producer of young engineers, so you'll plenty of fellow students around you. Due to the large amount of programs, you'll have your choice of deciding what area you want to live in. Universities can be found in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, to name just a few.


Consider studying abroad in China, where you'll have access to interesting engineering courses and plenty of time to explore the sites that surround you. Engineering programs are quickly rising due to the tech demand, so you can live anywhere from the northern part of the country to the south end.

Planning Your Trip


Many programs will include housing with the cost of tuition, but it's always important to double check. You'll most likely be in a dorm with other students either in your program or at the school in general. On-campus housing makes getting to class each day more convenient than living off-campus in your own apartment, though you may have a roommate or two. It's easier to access the library for studying or to meet with groups as well.

For those on a budget, however, living off-campus may be a better choice. You can split an apartment or house with other students to cut down on costs. Just make sure you have a convenient means of transportation for your commute to school.


One of the first items you'll want to check off your list is to look online and see if the country you're going to requires a visa. Apply for that right away so it won't delay your trip. Even if they don't require a visa, you'll need to find out the time period you can be there for. Student visas are often available as well, but the benefits and procedures between visas can vary, so you may want to ask your study abroad advisor to help in the process.


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