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SIT Study Abroad is committed to making international education accessible to all students. Scholarship awards generally range from $500 to $5,000 for semester programs and $500 to $3,000 for summer programs. This year, SIT will award more than $1.5 million in scholarships and grants to SIT Study Abroad students.
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Jan 24, 2022
Dec 30, 2019
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About Program

In Tunisia and Italy, crossroads of the Mediterranean, study the interplay of regional politics, migration, and religion. Examine the ethics of solidarity, care, and resilience as you learn or advance your Modern Standard Arabic.

Key Topics of Study

Political transformation, transitional justice, and democratization in Tunisia
International relations and religious integration in the context of Mediterranean mass migration
The interplay between secular politics and political Islam, religion and public life, religious practice and political affiliation
The role of art in articulating the vision of a more sustainable future
The role of the state and civil society in a divided society
The ethics of care and hospitality in the context of populism and assimilationist ideologies

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SIT Robert Kantor Memorial Scholarship

Each year one student will be granted $10,000 in scholarship aid to study abroad with a SIT program. Funded by individual donors and foundations, the requirements are tight: seeking first-generation college students who've never traveled abroad before, currently attend an HBCU, and demonstrate strong financial need.


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Yes, I recommend this program


SIT Tunisia/Italy was extremely rewarding. I studied abroad from August-December 2019. Though I am not the biggest fan of all of SIT's policies and structures, this specific program was immensely gratifying. The professors are all brilliant and the homestay experiences were amazing for every member of our program. There were 12 of us from all over the country/world and at a wide variety of American colleges. Our three weeks in Sicily to study migration were an absolute highlight. But our time in Tunisia was irreplaceable -- especially if you are interested in politics, democracy, Arabic/French, and the Middle East/North Africa. The program allows for time in the desert of Tunisia and provides a perfect amount of independent time and growth. Especially rewarding for lovers of language!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Learn the language, Arabic or French! It will go a long way and teach you a lot about the culture. saha <3
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Yes, I recommend this program

Quite Literally Life-Changing

I studied abroad with SIT's Tunisia program in Spring 2012, approximately a year after Tunisia's revolution and conversion to a representative presidential-cum-parliamentary system. SIT did an amazing job of facilitating travel throughout the country and acclimating students to its history and culture-- and the country is sufficiently small that our excursions really made it feel as though we were seeing most everything there was to see! I had taken Arabic for a few years prior to my arrival, and the program outfitted me with a great tutor who tailored a program of study to my needs. My host family lived in a quiet, beautiful suburb of Tunis and was extremely caring. Because of my positive experience in Tunisia, I ended up ultimately majoring in Arabic studies and matriculating into a doctoral program in the US in Arabic language and literature. I have since been back to Tunis (last summer, in fact!) for research, and the program director and my former friends and colleagues welcomed me with open arms. Traveling there as a woman alone still feels safe and straightforward, and I know if and when I go back, my SIT family will always be there.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best decision of my undergrad career

I participated in SIT Tunisia during the spring semester of 2016 and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Going abroad had always been a part of my plan as an International Studies major but I was not prepared for how the experience might affect me. I have traveled and studied in Europe before so I wanted to broaden my horizons and step outside of my comfort zone, so I chose what appeared to be a pretty neat country: Tunisia. Upon arrival, I knew it was a good decision and this knowledge was fortified time and time again over my stay in the country. My host family was extremely open and welcoming, allowing me to feel completely at home thousands of miles from America. Walking on the streets, I was immersed in a vibrant culture ready to accept any and all who were open to it. I made friends quickly and felt so comfortable and connected that I applied for a grant to continue my stay through the summer. The director and other professors of SIT Tunisia were integral to my wonderful experiences in Tunisia and gave me essential advice from how to maneuver certain situations as a foreigner in the country to where to find the best lablabi (one of the many delicious traditional Tunisian dishes I grew to love). Along with the wonderful experiences I had in Tunisia, the friendship and camaraderie developed within our group was an amazing asset to the time we spent there together. My time with SIT Tunisia will always be one I will remember with great happiness and love. I already have plans to return this coming summer and hope to return with great frequency!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best choice i ever made

A little over 4 years later and i still miss this country like i just came back a month ago. I studied abroad in fall of 2012. I wanted to go somewhere different than everyone else who studies abroad, somewhere with a rich culture, and a different experience. That's exactly what i got. I don't want to seem as if im being cheesy but i loved every minute i was there. To start, professors of my program were great. They really showed that there cared about us as a student and worked to ensure that we fully enjoyed and grew from our experience. My host family did the same, i stayed with my host mom and sister. It was kinda hard to speak with my host mom since i didnt speak french, but she always did her very best to be patient, teach me and learn some english words to make it easier. Food, fantastic..enough said. Environment, overall great. The people were all really friendly. Might tease a bit at your broken french or arabic, but only then offered to help more. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, the kind of scenery that allowed me to walk around for hours and just stare. I always felt like there was something to do. The classes were not difficult and always offered opportunity for further immersion into the culture. I fully reccomend this program to anyone. Not only did I love my experience, but i met 13 other people that i felt like ive known my entire life. I dream of going back.

What would you improve about this program?
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Yes, I recommend this program

First Middle Eastern Experience

I decided to go to Tunisia about a year after the beginning of the Arab Spring, so I did harbor minor reservations at first. However, from the moment I arrived in Tunisia, I knew I was going to absolutely love my time there. The unconventional coursework the SIT Study Abroad program offered forced everyone in my group to break away from any hesitation from interacting with the locals. The two excursions the program offered gave us an opportunity to spend some time in the northern and southern parts of the country. My home stay experience was the absolute best part of the program, personally. My Tunisian mother, who is fluent in Arabic, French and English made my stay so memorable. Being given an opportunity to work on my own independent study project was especially exciting; I focused my study on whether or not Tunisians still relate to the ancient Carthaginian origins that are deeply embedded in the history of their country. If anyone is between SIT Study Abroad and any other provider, I would highly recommend that you choose SIT; you will not regret your decision!

What would you improve about this program?
Although I enjoyed the coursework, at times it seemed like the the program was improvising on the daily lectures or classes; at times it seemed a little disorganized. Beyond that, I have absolutely no complaints about my experience with SIT Study Abroad in Tunisia.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Worth the Risks!

Having been in Tunisia when the first terrorist attack happened, in March 2015, I can truthfully say that security IS a risk factor, but not nearly as important as it seems from outside the country. For the kindness of the people, the richness of the landscape, and the variety in culture, I found it worth the need to be aware of my security in public places. It's a decision for everyone to make alone, but I would go back to Tunisia (unless a third terrorist attack happened, in which I'd be seriously concerned).

I found it worth the security risks (which weren't serious enough to merit US Embassy officials being forced to return to America for safety concerns), in exchange for experiencing a country undergoing a democratic transition, with emerging religious extremists, the revolution's impact on youth populations (which are critical to political stability!), and for living in the 'modern' country of the Arab world.

So overall, totally worth what the naysayers use as evidence to not go! So go!!

What would you improve about this program?
Increased academic fervor and more clarity and responsiveness of the local SIT authorities (about in-country housing, foreign language classes, organization, costs and fees).
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great opportunity in Tunisia!

This is a great program for a self-directed student. The independent study and language program were perfect for me, and I gained great experience doing research and getting all I could from living in a new place. I had a fantastic time, loved my host family and the friends I made, and hope to return soon.

What would you improve about this program?
I would have liked to have even more time of language instruction and gotten more in touch with the majority of Tunisians (i.e. opposed to intellectuals and middle/upper class families).
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